SEVA Stress Release Self-Care Gift

SEVA Stress Release Self-Care Gift

Self-Care Acupressure Gift To The World

SEVA Stress Release Acupressure is a Self-Care Gift to the world from Soul Lightening International and Dr. Aminah Raheem. Anyone can do it to relieve trauma, anxiety, pain, and for almost immediate deep relaxation.

Compassionate Service

SEVA means “compassionate service” in Sanscrit. It is part of Dr. Raheem’s mission to serve using the gift for wellness that she brought to the world.

Founders Day

I’m sharing SEVA in honor of Soul Lightening’s Founders Day December 12 which is Dr. Aminah Raheem’s birthday!

Good Points Program

Good Points For Self-Care

The Soul Lightening International Team has been busy developing the Good Points Program (check this link to find a special FREE Intro Video and Bonus Immune System Boost Acupressure Video too) to share acupressure self-care. The SEVA Stress Release started it all. It was created after 9/11 to reduce shock & stress in the world. It came from the hearts of the teachers and utilizes the Heart Meridian and Chakra of the body to establish calm and tranquility.

Teachable Platform

The Good Points Program now offers 25 other protocols for Self-Care. They are being offered once-a-month on the Soul Lightening Teachable Platform.

Good Points Program

The Good Points Program includes:

An Intro Video

A Handout of the Acupressure Protocol

A Pyramid Meditation for centering and grounding.

An Acupoint Location Video

A Practice Video

SEVA Stress Release Gift

Here are the elements of your SEVA Stress Release Good Points Program: Enjoy!!

Introduction VIDEO (29 min, includes Pyramid Meditation & Chakra Tai Chi) Password = 4U

Handout to Print

Acupoint Location Video (11 Min) Password = 4U

SEVA Stress Release Acupressure for Self-Care Practice Video (11 min) Password= 4U

Acupressure Certification Programs

From Soul Lightening International

You may also find Soul Lightening Foundation Certificate classes (Clinical Acupressure 1 and Process Acupressure 1A) on the course calendar. Offered are 3 certification tracks for Clinical Acupressure, Process Acupressure and Advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure.

Soul Lightening Course Curriculum

Thanks For Participating

I hope that you have enjoyed this gifting!

Please let me know at

I teach many different classes from 1 hour to 24 hours, in-person and webinar.

The most recent is the newly updated Introduction to Soul Lightening Acupressure which includes part Self-Care and part For Others. It is a 2-Day class, preferably in person to experience the special “Interface” Touch of SLIA. 12 Continuing Education Hours.

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October Birthday Special: Self-Care Acupressure

October Birthday Special: Self-Care Acupressure

October Birthday Special: Custom Self-Care Acupressure To Take Home

It’s my Birthday Month and I can share if I want to!!!!

Choose from these self-care acupressure protocols (below) and treat yourself Anytime!!! Part of GoodPoints Self-Care Program with Soul Lightening International Acupressure.

Alvina will go over the steps to treating yourself and give you a handout to follow and possibly a video. Allow for extra half-hour for instruction.

Schedule Appointment Today!! And You’re on Your Way!!!

Schedule Appointment

You can choose your preference anytime:

Abdominal Release

Emotional Stress Release

Basic Neck Release

Chest Release

Deep Relaxation Release

Harmony Release

Head Release

Hemorrhoid Release

Hip, Knee, Foot, & Ankle Release

Hot Flashes & Urinary Health

Immune Lymph Booster

Muscle Relaxation Release

SEVA Stress Release

Sinus Ear Release

Special Headache Release

Special Conditions

Soul Lightening International Acupressure

Gentle Acupressure For Self-Care at House of Gaia Sept 10, 2-4

Gentle Acupressure For Self-Care at House of Gaia Sept 10, 2-4

Alvina Quatrano will offer Good Points Self-Care Acupressure on Saturday September 10 from 2-4. A light-hearted gathering will include Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi and several short acupressure releases that will be easy, relaxing and fun to do. Anyone may join in.

Alvina Quatrano, L.M.T. has been doing acupressure since 1998.

She has taught for Soul Lightening International Acupressure since 2004.

Alvina diversifies her career between giving massage and acupressure sessions and teaching.  She started out as a Montessori Teacher in the 1980’s. Alvina started her business Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) in 1992 after she was initiated naturally to Reiki which was her first practice. Reflexology is the most popular of her classes.  Alvina is a continuing education provider offering 35 classes (some online) for massage therapists in Florida and nationally for NCBTMB. The acupressure classes from Soul Lightening are approved for Nurses contact hours through the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). 

The Good Points Self-Care Program grew out of the COVID phenomenon originally through ZOOM.  It is sharing easy to find acupoints to solve various issues such as headache, stress, muscle relaxation, emotional tension, and many more applications.  There is research to support the benefits of acupressure which has been used for thousands of years all over the world.

Come to House of Gaia on Saturday September 10 from 2-4 for an afternoon of comaraderie and learning to find acupoints that will relax you and your loved ones.  We will learn a special kind of touch called a fulcrum at interface.  We will play with our energies and rest back and relax.

Some of the acupoints are on the back.  We use fulcrum balls to reach those points comfortably. Alvina will bring hackey sacs in socks and you can also use a pillowcase tied in two knots or even socks in knots or any soft balls to hold the points on the back.

We will practice Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi which helps to clear & strengthen our whole body energy and sometimes helps us to realize something about ourselves that we might not have known. Plus it’s relaxing.

Please register for this class by Saturday September 3rd by Registering with Alvina. Venmo, Zelle and Pay Pal are available options for registry.

Requested Fee $25

Sign Up Today!!!! 732-266-5276 or, @Alvina-Quatrano

Please do not let money stand in the way of participating. Just let Alvina know if you will be attending. 732-266-276 or

This will be a fun and enjoyable class aimed at relaxing and healing.  COME!!  

House of Gaia, 1660 Trade Center Way Suite 103, Naples, FL

AOHMassage Meridian Massage Self-Care

AOHMassage Meridian Massage Self-Care

Simple Movements To Clear, Open and Strengthen Body, Mind, and Spirit.
A Wonderful Self-Help Opportunity For Anyone!

 Derived from the curriculum of Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Foundation 1: Subtle Body Class. 

Meridian Massage is a 3-Hour Module including: An Introduction to the Meridian Energy System of the Body and Self-Care Technique

ENJOY! This 6-Minute Video!!

Password 4U

Meridian Massage Video by Alvina Quatrano, Art of Holistic Massage Naples FL