Acupressure to Relieve Stress

Acupressure to Relieve Stress


     In 2001 The Soul Lightening Faculty and Dr. Aminah Raheem, the founder, created a specific acupressure formula as a world gift to relieve shock and stress after the events of 9/11.  Originally, the acupressure formula was called the Shock Stress Release and was taught virtually anywhere in the world.  I learned it along with 10 other teachers on the floor of a yoga studio in Rhinebeck NY.   I lived at the Jersey Shore at the time (1 hour from the World Trade Center) and my mentor was in Tivoli N.Y. so I drove the 2 hours to tap in to the acupressure formula that was created specifically to heal from this horrible time in our history and to share it with everyone who was also dealing with this emotional and disturbing time. The work has been shared in war zones, hurricane relief and earthquake zones in many areas of the world.

Name Change

     Since 2001 the name of the formula has been changed to The SEVA Stress Release after the Sanskrit word for Service because the purpose of the work is to be of service to anyone anywhere in the world who suffers from stress or shock or simply wants to feel supported and deeply relaxed. Many other possible outcomes may occur by practicing the SEVA Stress Release, including resolution of symptoms or personal growth.


     The acupressure formula was created from the hearts of the Soul Lightening faculty utilizing the Heart Chakra and Heart Meridians of the body.  The Heart Chakra is all about love, compassion, and forgiveness.  My experience is that focusing on this area helps to bring a person home to themselves which is crucial in times of shock and very high stress. The SEVA Stress Release utilizes the acupoints along the Heart Meridian which helps to create calm in the body. Creating a state of calm invites a person to settle in to themselves, find their breath and peace in their own body and space.

Training — Anyone Can Learn

  This formula may be applied by a person to themself – Self-Care – or from another person – For Others. There is a training program that is 3-hours for the Self-Care portion and an additional 3-hours for the For Others portion.  Anyone can do it.  It is very easy to learn yet there is a specific touch style that is discovered to administer both the self-care and for others methods.  Faculty are empowered to grant continuing education contact hours for massage therapists via NCBTMB (National Massage Therapy Board) and until October with the AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association).

Used & Studied In Many Settings:

     The SEVA Stress Release was used in the first face transplant at Walter Reed Hospital.  The formula was taught to the recipient so that he could calm himself during the ordeal of healing from the operation and it was used by the nurses to help keep the patients stress level low and relaxed. (See additional related post below)

Care for the Caregiver Expo, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Gina Rosenthal, PT

Abilities Expo, Gina Rosenthal, PT

Nurses Week, Crossings Healingworks, Walter Reed Hospital, MD, Cathy Miller, Ac, MT,

Integrative Care Service, University of Maryland Medical Center, Dr John Reed, MD

Breast Cancer Support Group, Naples Community Hospital (NCH), Lisa Ann & Lira Bennet.

Golden Gate Senior Center (Spanish & English), Naples, FL

Cancer Treatment Center, West Virginia University School of Nursing, Kari Sand-Jecklin, RN

Neuropsychiatry & Acute Rehabilitation, University of California UCI Health, Susanlee Wisotzkey, Ph.D, RN

Thiotte Haiti Vulnerable Children Relief (THVCR), Theresa Haag, RN, BSN

Community Service, Emily Wright, Deanna Waggy, Sylvia Goodman, Sue Lovett, Diane Arney, Marilyn Zurwaski, Emily Tellez, Alison Babil, Claire Howell, Susan Popiel, Michele Wade, and all the SEVA Teachers world-wide.

and many other areas


Empowering Whole-Being Health Case Study Collection (A whole third of the book is devoted to SEVA), Cathy Miller & Deanna Waggy 


There are over 60 SEVA Teachers in the world and many more people who have been trained to give SEVA Stress Release Acupressure.   Contact Alvina Quatrano with any inquiries at 732-266-5276 or or find info at

Alvina will be teaching the SEVA Stress Release Class on Sunday September 10 from 9 AM – 4 PM at the World Tennis Club, Naples, FL.  You can take only the 3-hr Self-Care portion from 9-12 (Lunch Included) or do both sections including an additional 3-hr Part 2: For Others 9-4 (including lunch).  Register at  or call Alvina.

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Below is an original article I published in 2009.

                                              A Way To Relieve Suffering 

                                           A Gift From Soul Lightening Int’l

                                                 by Alvina Quatrano LMT 

     September 2001….The World Trade Center had been demolished and many people I knew were at the scene. Everyone in the world was shocked, numb, dumbfounded, grief-stricken.  Triages were set up all over to relieve symptoms of shock and stress and grief.  Many therapists of all kinds volunteered their time to help the wounded. My regular clients came to me like lost wounded souls and I felt like I needed more to offer.  I asked my acupressure mentor to please come up with something.  The acupressure teachers of Soul Lightening International led by Aminah Raheem, Ph.D. of Borrego Springs, California got together here on the east coast one day and created a new protocol to serve the world in relieving shock and stress.  It is called SEVA.  SEVA means service in Sanskrit and was created to relieve suffering and stress and to promote general relaxation.  SEVA is a simple acupressure treatment created for anyone to give or receive. 

     A SEVA treatment can be administered in just a few minutes or can be extended 

20-30 minutes, depending on the circumstances.  It can be given in a therapists office but was truly designed to be given whenever and wherever it is needed.   My friend Missy helped a runner who was down and in shock on the street on a very hot day to revitalize even while EMT’s were standing by.  She reconnected his vital energies to come back to the here and now. 

    Receiving SEVA is a very calming and centering experience.  It can relieve post traumatic stress

syndrome.  It can provide a turning point for an individual to move toward true healing at the deepest levels. 

     Clinical Acupressure ( which is an ancient healing modality from China and Asia using finger pressure to acupoints on the body) enhances the free flow of the body’s vital energy, activates it’s own recuperative abilities and diminishes congestion.  It can address a multitude of symptoms including back problems, headaches, respiratory, digestive and systemic problems as well as colds, flus, allergies and physical injuries. This treatment modality will facilitate but should not replace, delay or interfere with medical treatment. This work uses the knowledge of ancient traditions combined with contemporary understanding to promote health and self-responsibility for wellness. 

     I implemented SEVA right away and the results were immediate.  I saw the difference in people who received treatment as opposed to those who hadn’t and my heart ached for those who hadn’t sought treatment of any kind.  Many divorces happened after 9/11..moving and displacement…many health issues are still happening.  After 9/11 most people I know who sought treatment used several modalities to balance themselves as they found necessary; chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, acupressure, yoga, psychotherapy, spiritual guidance, homeopathy, and nutritional counseling and more were sought out to alleviate a myriad of complaints including respiratory, fear, shock, confusion, digestive, muscular, etc.   SEVA allowed the unraveling and peace to begin to find a way through from the other side of pandemonium. 

      I am a certified SEVA instructor and I and my colleagues are teaching SEVA in schools, hospitals, PTA’s, and  communities so everyone can know the relief and health building that is possible through acupressure.  It has been a terrific addition to the community if someone is so disposed to volunteer it to Women’s or Men’s Shelter’s, VA Departments, and Senior Centers for instance.   The protocol is about 20 minutes long.  A class runs 3-6 hours.   If you would like to learn SEVA or to set up a group demo let me know and it will be arranged.  I am available at Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) in Naples FL.  732-266-5276.

People Will Remember How You Made Them Feel

People Will Remember How You Made Them Feel

People will forget what you say.

People will forget what you do.

  But people will never forget how

 You made them feel.

Maya Angelou

New Job

  I started to work one-day-a-week at an assisted living facility and memory care near my home. It took me a little while to acclimate myself to the 75-100 year-old demographic.  I realized more than ever that the power of touch makes people happy and brings us home to ourselves. People will remember how you make them feel.

Getting Acclimated

Asking the aides for help getting folks on and off the table for a massage since they could easily fall if they had advanced Parkinson’s or other disease was important to secure from anyone getting injured.  

Finding out what their favorite music is and making playlists from the turn-of-the-century music that is dear to them.

    Using clothed techniques to make it easier for a person to be treated and not have to go through the hassle of disrobing and redressing when their motor skills and pain level would aggravate the matter helped add variety and ease. 

Having them sit up and hold the handles of their walker or the back of a chair so that I can give them a back rub, if they can’t turn over easily. It was all about making it comfortable, enjoyable and beneficial.  

     Applying liniment to their bruises allows them to heal faster.  Somehow their nervous system doesn’t register pain as much. In some instances confusion and frustration is evident.  I just like to come in and give a hand and go out leaving them feeling as if someone has cared for them.  And so they are calmer, relaxed & peaceful.

Feeling Feedback

     After our first session together, I quietly entered the room where a 91 yr-old was resting after lunch. I whispered, “Do you want a massage?” He replied by throwing off the covers, jumping up and yelling, “Yeah!”  The aide in the room started to laugh. I was very surprised and happy about the response.  Evidently, he remembered his experience of the previous week.   

     Another person likes to relate to past experiences by saying, “You have a good touch” and telling folks, “She gives a good massage”.  Of course this person is no stranger to massage. They have previous experiences to compare. As Jane Fonda says, I feel I’m part of their “Third Act”.  I’m part of this time in their lives where I can make a difference in a meaningful way.  One person says,  “You do me a world of good”.

     Since I started this job, the saying above, by poet Maya Angelou makes so much more sense to me.  In fact, it really hit home.  I know that my work is appreciated even when sometimes folks don’t have the words to describe the feeling they have.  Their enthusiasm speaks volumes!! 

Alvina Quatrano 2023 


Alvina Quatrano, Licensed Massage Therapist
MA50896  FL Provider 50-9777, NCBTMB  Provider 451544-11

732-266-5276  |  |  Naples, FL 34105

Authentic Communication

Authentic Communication

Jennifer Wasmer coaches Authentic Communication. She is a master communicator who believes that communication is an act of love and that it always starts with the communicator.


Jennifer invites her clients to begin their journey with her with self-study — including coaching, values alignment, meditation and yoga.

Intentional Listening

Having strengthened their foundation in enhanced self-awareness, Jennifer’s clients are then better able to connect with others through intentional listening and to cultivate powerful authentic communication skills to express their truth in ways that foster deeper relationships, more meaningful work, and greater peace in all domains.


Jennifer is also a deep believer in the alchemical nature of gratitude, which is always available to everyone and changes everything. She creates an environment for others to marinate in the goodness of gratitude through a video series called “Gratituders In Action”, which features people from around the world sharing their appreciation and thankfulness.


Her company is DaySpring Communications.


It’s such a privilege to learn from an expert,
and Jennifer is without question
​a leading authority on communication.
Our team is better thanks to her work with us.

– Rob Acton, Founder & CEO of Cause Strategy Partners

From DaySpring Communications Website:

One of the key lessons from the pandemic has been the importance of company culture to attract and retain talent. The Great Resignation and the modern hybrid work environment have thrown up new challenges for how to engage people so they feel connected to their work, each other, and a sense of purpose – all of which help produce optimal business outcomes.

Authentic Communication is a professional development program that strengthens organizational culture by advancing interpersonal communication skills. It cultivates fresh perspectives, invigorates teamwork, and unleashes capacity to meet ever-emerging challenges. These outcomes foster resilience, commitment, and success for individuals, teams, and businesses by focusing on the essential role our communication plays in nourishing (or depleting) strong, healthy human connections…..


DaySpring Communications:

Email List Sign-up:


Gratituders In Action:

From AOHMassage

Values & 5-Elements is another way to learn more about yourself and others in your life and use nutrition to support yourself and others.

Couples Massage is a way to cultivate authentic communication of touch with your partner.

I liked this photo too to illustrate this post because of the way the couple is joined by the hands. Gosh! What it takes to do Life!!!

Enjoy! Have A Great Summer!!!! Alvina

Vietnamese Farmer Couple Hand in Hand in the Garden. Their expression shows authentic communication.
Susan Falkenstein Tai Chi Simple

Susan Falkenstein Tai Chi Simple





ISLANDWALK – A PRIVATE GATED COMMUNITY IN NAPLES ON MONDAYS AT 10: 45am- 11:30am ( You need to let me know if you can come, so I can leave your name at the Gatehouse)





Tai Chi Simple –  An easy to follow  ancient  Chinese health promotion practice for nourishing the body, mind and spirit.
Tai Chi Simple  will help you become more supple and flexible so you can bend, twist and stretch free from pain. It is a wonderful practice to add to your daily routine. Movements will help you improve your balance and range of motion in tight areas like hips and lower back. Gentle breathing and stretching exercises will help boost your immune system and are considered anti-aging movements. You will feel refreshed and revitalized to take on the rest of your day. The movements can easily be done from a chair. 

Key health benefits include:
Relief of chronic pain
Stress reduction
Improved sleep quality
Improved cardiovascular fitness, including lower blood pressure
Improved balance and coordination for falls prevention
Cognitive capacity retention (brain plasticity)
More energy
Dana House Sacred Sound

Dana House Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound Ceremony

5PM Saturday April 8

Join Dana House, guest Sound Healer, for a blissful Sacred Sound Ceremony at Fusion Yoga & Wellness for the first time!

The healing power of sound has been around for thousands of years. Before we are born, sound is one of our first senses. In today’s fast-paced society, relaxation and meditation are more important than ever to maintain our health and wellbeing. The long-lasting tones of sound healing instruments help to produce “trance” brain waves and support vibratory conditions conducive to outer relaxation and inner meditation. They can promote healing through resonant frequencies and pure tones. Crystal bowls are made of quartz crystal as well as precious and semi precious stones,  which can focus, store, amplify and transmit energy patterns.

For this special sound bath you’ll experience the sacred sounds of Dana’s collection of empowering Gongs and ethereal Crystal Bowls, chimes and more… all acting in harmonious vibration to accelerate energetic healing, spiritual awakening and immersion into blissful remembrances of unity with all creation.  

Relax comfortably on your mat with supportive props as you allow the sounds to take you along sacred healing pathways for mind, body and soul. Most of this 90 minute experience will take place laying down, or seated if you prefer. Feel free to bring any extra pillows, blankets, and eye pillows for your comfort.

Dana House has been a healer and spiritual practitioner for many lifetimesYumdecades, beginning with piano at age 6, her first Tibetan bowl in 1983, crystal bowls in 2002, culminating in the ecstasy of the Gong baths in 2009. She has much experience with the harmonic sounds of healing instruments , including but not limited to dynamic Gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, tangas, rain sticks, etc. Dana gives immersive  sound experiences, conducts sound healing workshops, and also utilizes sound in teaching meditation classes, as well as private massage, energy and sound sessions…to not only create more peace prosperity and joy in individual lives but to assist all of humanity to recognize its oneness and encourage greater compassion and cooperation worldwide. 

Pre-Registration Required $35


Phone:(239) 498-8800

Insomnia & Jet Lag Self-Care Acupressure

Insomnia & Jet Lag Self-Care Acupressure

Sleep is important. Our bodies are equipped with mechanisms that help us to find the balance between rest and activity. Here in a lecture, meditation video and supporting materials, Alvina Quatrano brings to life the energetic components that are useful to find that balance. Using gentle finger pressure acupressure will help you to balance your body clock to easily find the necessary sleep that may evade you. Relax. Enjoy!

This class is also available for CE’s from CE Broker in Florida.

Jet Lag and Insomnia Acupressure  1 CE  #20-911754

The Following Links will open your materials:

1 Awareness Journal To use with meditations and acupressure self-sessions (Print Out)

2 Insomnia & Jet Lag Manual To Print

3 Insomnia Lecture Video  37-minutes Password 4U

  • 12-Minute Pyramid Meditation and Awareness Journal
  • Meridian and Acupoint Information
  • Touch Style used to access acupoints
  • Helpful Suggestions to relieve Insomnia
  • Ways to use the process for Jet Lag.
  • Support Materials

4 Insomnia Meditation Video  14-minutes Password 4U

  • Crystal bowl
  • Acupoint Location and Affirmations

PS: Soul Lightening Bookstore referred to is no longer open. Everything you need is in the Manual.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Alvina 732-266-5276

Alvina Quatrano, L.M.T. has been teaching with Soul Lightening International Acupressure since 2002. Her current available classes are listed & linked.