“Holy Cow! That was excellent!!!”

Financial Analyst

“Oh, I feel so much better”


“You’re Strong!!”
Christmas Gift Certificate Honoree

“That felt like a really Deep Massage!!! That was the best one yet!! My back was all knots.”
Recovering Accident Survivor

“Alvina is a knowledgeable, highly skilled massage therapist. I loved the soothing, pain relieving bodywork and her warm and positive presence.”
Alisande Cunningham

Organic Farmer

“My headache? I don’t feel it now! I feel so much better!”

Marketing Executive

“Alvina has been coming to our home for many years and attending to our massage needs. To say “she is amazing” is not quite enough. She possesses an intelligence in her hands that is hard to explain. No matter what you say when she asks “is anything bothering you,” she always knows what is going on within your body (usually better than you). She truly cares about her clients and only wants the best for them. She treats you with respect and dignity and mostly love. We don’t know what our weeks would be like without the healing hands of Alvina. Thank you!”
Mary Ann Costello


“The Best In The Village!!”

Commercial Realtor

“I could go anywhere to get a massage, but this is ALVINA!!”


“I feel good. I feel different. I’ll be back!!!”

Graphics Designer

“Alvina Mary Quatrano is a massage worker, esthetician and energy worker. She is a unique and beautiful person, great networker and truly gifted therapist. She also teaches self help classes, as well as CEs for massage therapists. Alvina works independently. I have experienced the transformative power of Alvina’s work firsthand.”
Monique Danielle Fern

Yogini, Marketing Expert

“Alvina is a wonderful massage therapist. She is caring, intuitive and gentle, but firm enough to make a real difference in how your body responds to her treatment. She also integrates other forms of holistic healing arts (Reiki, acupressure) into the sessions as necessary. Alvina has been a tremendous asset and contributor to my physical and spiritual well-being.”

Runner – Author

“Alvina is one of the most fabulous massage therapists I’ve ever experienced in 30 years. She is gracious, intelligent, loving, kind, effective, and considerate. She uses many modalities at the same time sharing her gifts to all she serves. The environment is beautiful, restful and elegant. I would recommend her to anyone at any time.”
Georgia Hopefl

“Alvina has healing hands and a compassionate heart. Each time I come for a session, she has the ability to see through to the core of what is going on with my body and my whole being. Since she has such a wonderful basket of skills, each session is different and offers just what I need in that moment. I am happy to recommend her treatments and her teaching. What a blessing that she is offering a compilation of her techniques to others.”
Jean Erlbaum

Master Yoga Teacher - Author

“My blood sugar goes down 50 points after a treatment with you invariably!!!”


“You know why I come here? You calm me down..you relax me… It’s your touch!!!”

Demolition Man

“Alvina is a very thorough teacher who offers an enjoyable class”
Cristel Morgan


“Alvina is not only so knowledgeable and committed..but what stands out most is the healing results I feel when I go to her…and the best part is it I don’t have to feel worse (have deep tissue ouch) to feel immense relief.”
Kaata Mrachek


“I am so grateful to have been able to study with Alvina. She is extremely knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches and very thorough in her teaching. The care and preparation she puts into each class is amazing. I highly recommend Alvina’s classes to anyone interested in acupressure and self-care.”
Mary Cline Golbitz

LMT, Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Social Worker, Attorney

“Alvina is a competent, accessible and compassionate teacher, guide and therapist. It’s a true gift to learn the techniques and experience the wisdom inherent in the teachings.”
Janet Weisberg

PhD Candidate, B.S, M.S, C.T, NCBTMB, LMT

“I have had the pleasure of receiving healing holistic massages from Alvina, as well as the honor of being a student in several different classes that she has taught over the years. Firstly, receiving a massage from Alvina is a unique bliss. She combines a deep genuine compassion with skillful protocols that leave you feeling comforted and rejuvenated. The classes I have taken from her (Reflexology and Soul Lightening Acupressure) were conducted in that same gentle spirit of helping, with a pure desire to share her considerable skills and wisdom. I sincerely recommend any of Alvina’s services or classes. She is a pleasure and a wonderful teacher.”
Patricia Acerra

L. Ac. Dipl. in Acup. (NCCAOM), CCHt

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