Jean Erlbaum
Note from Alvina: Jean Erlbaum is one of my favorite yoga and meditation teachers. She has been enriching peoples lives her whole life. I’m happy to share her work with you.



Jean Erlbaum will be offering a 5-Week ONLINE SERIES of CHAIR YOGA CLASSES on Tuesdays, from 11am to 12 noon, November 15, 22, 29, December 6 and 13.  

After a short break for the holidays, the class will continue throughout the Winter. Offered on Zoom.  You do not need a Zoom account or internet proficiency to join.  Each week Jean will send you a link –  just a click on that link will bring you into class. If you have questions, any special needs or feel you need support in using Zoom, let Jean know. 

Class Cost is $37.50 for 5 weeks. This includes a video of each class that you can play at home whenever you want.


Jean will also be teaching IN-PERSON SERIES of CHAIR YOGA CLASSES, sponsored by the Women’s Cultural Alliance starting in January at the brand new Iser Center, 4630 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109. 

The proposed dates for that series are: 

Mondays 1 – 2 pm, January 9, 16, 23, 30; Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27; March 6, 13, 20, 27. 

Jean is waiting to hear if the Center will be ready in time to start Jan. 9.  If not by the 9th, it should be ready by Jan. 16.  We may have to fine tune the dates as we get closer.  Chairs and yoga props provided for the women in this class. 

Class Cost is $35.00 for each four week series for WCA members and $45 for each four week series for non-members.


These are great programs for anyone who wants a gentle practice of stretching and centering.  Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome. We will do flexibility and strengthening exercises that can alleviate sore joints, tight muscles, and symptoms of arthritis – all done on or next to a chair. The class is suitable for people of all abilities, including those with joint replacement and those in wheelchairs. We will end each class with calming yogic breath and a relaxing meditation.

I hope you can join us at one of these series! 


Please register in advance and feel free to call/email with any questions or if you have special needs:


Please send checks made out to:

Jean Erlbaum, 8022 Players Cove Drive #202, Naples, FL 34113

(Please note: it often takes a week for mail to reach me here in Florida.  So please send your check in time for me to send you a link for the  Zoom class.)


Gentle Acupressure For Self-Care at House of Gaia Sept 10, 2-4

Gentle Acupressure For Self-Care at House of Gaia Sept 10, 2-4

Alvina Quatrano will offer Good Points Self-Care Acupressure on Saturday September 10 from 2-4. A light-hearted gathering will include Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi and several short acupressure releases that will be easy, relaxing and fun to do. Anyone may join in.

Alvina Quatrano, L.M.T. has been doing acupressure since 1998.

She has taught for Insight Acupressure since 2004.

Alvina diversifies her career between giving massage and acupressure sessions and teaching.  She started out as a Montessori Teacher in the 1980’s. Alvina started her business Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) in 1992 after she was initiated naturally to Reiki which was her first practice. Reflexology is the most popular of her classes.  Alvina is a continuing education provider offering 35 classes (some online) for massage therapists in Florida and nationally for NCBTMB.

The Good Points Self-Care Program grew out of the COVID phenomenon originally through ZOOM.  It is sharing easy to find acupoints to solve various issues such as headache, stress, muscle relaxation, emotional tension, and many more applications.  There is research to support the benefits of acupressure which has been used for thousands of years all over the world.

Come to House of Gaia on Saturday September 10 from 2-4 for an afternoon of comaraderie and learning to find acupoints that will relax you and your loved ones.  We will learn a special kind of touch called a fulcrum at interface.  We will play with our energies and rest back and relax.

Some of the acupoints are on the back.  We use fulcrum balls to reach those points comfortably. Alvina will bring hackey sacs in socks and you can also use a pillowcase tied in two knots or even socks in knots or any soft balls to hold the points on the back.

We will practice Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi which helps to clear & strengthen our whole body energy and sometimes helps us to realize something about ourselves that we might not have known. Plus it’s relaxing.

Please register for this class by Saturday September 3rd by Registering with Alvina. Venmo, Zelle and Pay Pal are available options for registry.

Requested Fee $25

Sign Up Today!!!! 732-266-5276 or, @Alvina-Quatrano

Please do not let money stand in the way of participating. Just let Alvina know if you will be attending. 732-266-276 or

This will be a fun and enjoyable class aimed at relaxing and healing.  COME!!  

House of Gaia, 1660 Trade Center Way Suite 103, Naples, FL

Choose Kindness

Choose Kindness

“Choose Kindness!! That’s what I tell my kids constantly and I stand by wholeheartedly!!” Melinda Sazama, Quilter & Mom, Naples, FL.

Thanks to my friend Lisa I found Melinda when my Great-Nieces and Nephews were being born in to the world. Because I had the great idea to gift them each with a handmade quilt and also monogram their name on their very own quilt. (see below for illustrations) And, that’s what Melinda does!!!

I had an appreciation for quilting since my high school sweethearts grandmother would sit at her picture window in front of a bird feeder surrounded by piles of pieces of colorful cloth assembling the most envied, soft, comfortable blankets for her family.

I was so grateful to have found Melinda. She has made seven quilts so far and one on the way July 2022.

I asked Melinda to write a little about herself. There’s a Grandma thread…Enjoy!!

“I am an energetic, homeschooling mom of 3.  Originally from Grosse Pointe, MI, I have lived and worked in Naples over 15 years with jobs ranging from landscaping, massage therapy, house cleaning, and minor home renovations. 

A devoted mother and friend, I spend time caring for and encouraging my family, collecting and no longer overwatering potted plants, and spreading my love of the outdoors and active lifestyle.

Having grown up loving (and still using!) a quilt from my grandma, I learned to sew over a decade ago to make quilts for family and friends.  

I now sells quilts for fun and to help support my family. ”

Thanks Melinda!! It has been a pleasure knowing you.

You can reach Melinda at

The first one for Rowan. I added the shells though maybe not the best idea. Made from her Great Grandmother Judy’s Flannel Robe.

Here’s her sister Penny’s Rainbow Quilt :))

Charlie and a Rainbow!!

Variations for the Bates Family :))
Emilia Rose

Nora 2022
They grow so fast!!!

Expecting one in July 2022….:)) Stay tuned for an update!!!


Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened a box that contained this “practice” quilt made by my friend Barbara Vanderwater in Hawaii. She sent it to me on her exit from the island to work for a spell back in her other home Catalina Island where I’ve visited with her in the past. This is such an exquisite gem. It’s amazing. It arrived with two Heart Rocks. Aloha!
I don’t know if I’ve shared with Barbara the tradition that I’ve upheld of having a quilt made & monogrammed for each of my great nieces & nephews. 7 so far and 1 on the way in July!!  I was fortunate to have met a quilter here in Naples who accommodates me when needed. My family is prolific and I imagine there will be several more ahead. When I showed her this she exclaimed, “batik print”. I like that. And the colors!!!


ALOHA from Hawaii

Here is a poem someone shared with me recently.

Vera Jewel

My grandmother ruffles through a box of material

that smells of mothballs. 4X4 squares

of old curtains, denims, dresses, ties, scarves.

Anything that could be cut to make quilts

packed so tightly in a yellowed box

the color on the fabric has no room to fade.

She searches for a newspaper article.

I’ve been through the box twice. Its not there.

She is so sure, so serene

as if by memory alone she can will it there.

Her fingers lull through the fabric

loosening the earth of her past.

Each square, a sermon, a kiss, a new dish.

Hands still immersed, she recites the article.

It is of my father’s early promotion in the Army.

I know how she must have studied it, line by line,

until the words became his uniform,

his boots, his medals, his tags.

She does not find it but she smiles. She offers me

the fabric to make quilts, pillowcases,

anything that can be sewn into a memory.

I take it, though I have already memorized her:

the smell of mothballs on her hands,

the rows of vegetables she nurtured

wearing the flowered dress that lies in pieces in the box.

I see her in my sleep. Words on a page.

I recite her.

~Poem entitled Vera Jewel

by Michelle McMillan-Holifiel