Authentic Communication

Authentic Communication

Jennifer Wasmer coaches Authentic Communication. She is a master communicator who believes that communication is an act of love and that it always starts with the communicator.


Jennifer invites her clients to begin their journey with her with self-study — including coaching, values alignment, meditation and yoga.

Intentional Listening

Having strengthened their foundation in enhanced self-awareness, Jennifer’s clients are then better able to connect with others through intentional listening and to cultivate powerful authentic communication skills to express their truth in ways that foster deeper relationships, more meaningful work, and greater peace in all domains.


Jennifer is also a deep believer in the alchemical nature of gratitude, which is always available to everyone and changes everything. She creates an environment for others to marinate in the goodness of gratitude through a video series called “Gratituders In Action”, which features people from around the world sharing their appreciation and thankfulness.


Her company is DaySpring Communications.


It’s such a privilege to learn from an expert,
and Jennifer is without question
​a leading authority on communication.
Our team is better thanks to her work with us.

– Rob Acton, Founder & CEO of Cause Strategy Partners

From DaySpring Communications Website:

One of the key lessons from the pandemic has been the importance of company culture to attract and retain talent. The Great Resignation and the modern hybrid work environment have thrown up new challenges for how to engage people so they feel connected to their work, each other, and a sense of purpose – all of which help produce optimal business outcomes.

Authentic Communication is a professional development program that strengthens organizational culture by advancing interpersonal communication skills. It cultivates fresh perspectives, invigorates teamwork, and unleashes capacity to meet ever-emerging challenges. These outcomes foster resilience, commitment, and success for individuals, teams, and businesses by focusing on the essential role our communication plays in nourishing (or depleting) strong, healthy human connections…..


DaySpring Communications:

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Gratituders In Action:

From AOHMassage

Values & 5-Elements is another way to learn more about yourself and others in your life and use nutrition to support yourself and others.

Couples Massage is a way to cultivate authentic communication of touch with your partner.

I liked this photo too to illustrate this post because of the way the couple is joined by the hands. Gosh! What it takes to do Life!!!

Enjoy! Have A Great Summer!!!! Alvina

Vietnamese Farmer Couple Hand in Hand in the Garden. Their expression shows authentic communication.
Dana House Sacred Sound

Dana House Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound Ceremony

5PM Saturday April 8

Join Dana House, guest Sound Healer, for a blissful Sacred Sound Ceremony at Fusion Yoga & Wellness for the first time!

The healing power of sound has been around for thousands of years. Before we are born, sound is one of our first senses. In today’s fast-paced society, relaxation and meditation are more important than ever to maintain our health and wellbeing. The long-lasting tones of sound healing instruments help to produce “trance” brain waves and support vibratory conditions conducive to outer relaxation and inner meditation. They can promote healing through resonant frequencies and pure tones. Crystal bowls are made of quartz crystal as well as precious and semi precious stones,  which can focus, store, amplify and transmit energy patterns.

For this special sound bath you’ll experience the sacred sounds of Dana’s collection of empowering Gongs and ethereal Crystal Bowls, chimes and more… all acting in harmonious vibration to accelerate energetic healing, spiritual awakening and immersion into blissful remembrances of unity with all creation.  

Relax comfortably on your mat with supportive props as you allow the sounds to take you along sacred healing pathways for mind, body and soul. Most of this 90 minute experience will take place laying down, or seated if you prefer. Feel free to bring any extra pillows, blankets, and eye pillows for your comfort.

Dana House has been a healer and spiritual practitioner for many lifetimesYumdecades, beginning with piano at age 6, her first Tibetan bowl in 1983, crystal bowls in 2002, culminating in the ecstasy of the Gong baths in 2009. She has much experience with the harmonic sounds of healing instruments , including but not limited to dynamic Gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, tangas, rain sticks, etc. Dana gives immersive  sound experiences, conducts sound healing workshops, and also utilizes sound in teaching meditation classes, as well as private massage, energy and sound sessions…to not only create more peace prosperity and joy in individual lives but to assist all of humanity to recognize its oneness and encourage greater compassion and cooperation worldwide. 

Pre-Registration Required $35


Phone:(239) 498-8800

Connection, Compassion & Awakening

Connection, Compassion & Awakening

with Beth Shekinah Terrence. MS

“In the space of CONNECTION 

our inner peace, soul wisdom & true gifts emerge”. 

~ Beth Shekinah Terrence


Beth Shekinah Terrence, MS, is a Shaman and Transformational Facilitator.  At age 11, she found a book on “Foot Reflexology” by Mildred Carter in her grandmother’s bookcase. Wedged between “The Joy of Cooking” by Julia Child and a volume of “The Talmud”, a sacred Jewish text, this random choice awakened her awareness to the concept that we are energetic as well as physical beings. And she began to embrace the idea that as humans we have an innate healing capacity that we can tap into through natural and holistic practices. At age 14, she was introduced to yoga and meditation, and her journey of exploring spiritual traditions and healing modalities from around the globe has been continuing ever since.

Healing & Practices

Beth Shekinah’s personal experience of healing from addiction, trauma, and Fibromyalgia opened to her to embracing a holistic approach to life and well-being. This ultimately led her onto the path as a holistic and wellness practitioner over 26 years ago.  At the heart of her work is Shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice that offers a powerful gateway to healing, transformation, and soul-centering. Along with Shamanic Healing, Beth Shekinah utilizes an integrative holistic approach that incorporates holistic, spiritual, and restorative modalities including:

  • Shamanic Practices such as journeywork, ceremony & ritual, soul retrieval and energy extraction
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Feeding Your Demons® Process
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Practices
  • Energy & Body Therapies including Zero Balancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, and Bodybreath Healing™
  • PEER™ Emotional Energy Recovery
  • Holistic Self-Care and Lifestyle Restructuring
  • Addiction & Mental Health Recovery Coaching and Support

Sessions and programs are offered locally in the Maryland/DC/VA area and virtually via Zoom. Beth Shekinah offers tools and practices to facilitate transformational and healing processes that help to cultivate a deep sense of connection to support restoring wholeness, resilience, and well-being. 

Learn more about Beth Shekinah at


Be sure to check out her newest program, the 3-month Virtual Feeding Your Demons® Immersion Experience. And look for her annual love offering, May Is For Metta: 31 Days of Loving-Kindness Meditation, which happens virtually each May.

>>Take Alvina’s Values and The 5-Elements Personality Quiz Several Times a Year to see if it changes in season. Enjoy!!

Inner Light Meditation Director Yolanda Beckers

Inner Light Meditation Director Yolanda Beckers

Yolanda Beckers is the Director of the Innerlight Meditation Center and non profit Health and Wellness Sanctuary in Naples, Florida. She has been on the spiritual path for over 30 years. Yolanda has studied Naturopathy, Ananda Yoga and Spring Forest Qi Gong. She is a teacher at the Spiritual University of the Brahma Kumaris. Yolanda was taught Healing Sound techniques by Tibetan Monks. She has been teaching courses in holistic conflict resolution at Nova University. Yolanda does seminars in Body, Mind, and Spirit in different parts of the world. Her true love is to share wisdom and “light” with others.

Find Out More at Innerlight Center Website

AOHMassage Classes & Services with Alvina

Tips for Winter Wellness

Tips for Winter Wellness

And Their Results!!

And Where To Learn More!

Tips for Winter Wellness

Be Still, Meditate, Write, Read

Sit by the Sea, Lake, River, Waterfall

Rest, Calm, Quiet Time

Eat Well, Make Nutritious Soup

Foot Massage with Friends

Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Others


When One Stays in Darkness Long Enough, One Begins to See.” Carl Jung

Use the Will Not to do.

Restorative Yoga.  Qi Gong.  Tai Chi.

Pay Attention to the Power of Fear (The Emotion of Winter)

Evaluate Your Storehouse.  What Resources do I have? What Gifts do I Have of Mind, Body, Spirit? Loved Ones, Money Possessions?  How can I be a Better Steward of My Goods so that I Have More to Share and Less to Fear?

Let Go of Outmoded Habits–Make Way for New Ways–Allow Yourself to be a Beginner–Clean Slate.

Do you understand your own unique abilities and healthy limits?

Can you apportion the appropriate amount of energy needed to accomplish your sense of purpose?

Do you have the will power to say “No” to the things not for you to do?

Take Small Steps.  Intention is Powerful.  Develop Patience and Perseverance.

Get a Back Massage or Acupressure Session!!

Do a Nutritional Cleanse to flush toxins and boost your immune system.


Pay attention to Ergonomics,,,

Practice the Inner Smile Meditation or The Parallel Breath Meditation,

Self-Acupressure: Use two hackey sacks in a sock, start on either side of the spine at the tailbone and move it up an inch every minute–releases the spine.  Can use the Pink Spalding Balls that bounce or a knotted towel, pillowcase, or something you like better.

Yamuna Ball Rolling–videos available and teachers near you!!! Is like giving your self a Neuromuscular Massage

Paint your room and cover your electrical boxes and appliances with Tachyon Paint and Discs.  Ward off EMF’s.

Join the YMCA, or Volunteer at your favorite charity.

Find Advisors:  Acupuncturist, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Psychotherapist, Minister…

Study, Plan, Start a Hobby, Join a Club, Spiritual Study, Contemplation.

The Results:

Increased Initiative, Motivation, Perseverance.

Increased Serenity

Sense of Power and Equilibrium

Increased Sense of Trust

Ability to Know and Speak Authentic Feelings

Ability to Stay with Projects until They are Complete

Less Fear and Anxiety; More Excitement and Curiosity

The Courage To Face The Unknown

Learn More!

Water/Winter Practicum with Alvina seasonally…..Advanced Clinical Acupressure. CA 1 & CA 2 prerequisite

CA 1 & CA 2 from Insight Acupressure.