Insight Acupressure Process Acupressure 1A: Foundations Webinar/LIVE

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Fundamental psycho-spiritual process skills are taught for working with the body and consciousness simultaneously as data arises from the body during bodywork. Our objective is to derive meaning and purpose from personal history and to find the soul as most valuable life guide. Introduces a model of the whole being– body. mind, emotions, soul–related to energy flow in the body. Teaches Chakra Tai Chi and consciousness related to the chakras.

The Webinar Style class will employ  6 Hours after or during class Skilled Touch Practitioners (STP) for the instruction of “Interface” touch that is used in this work. Student must ensure that a STP is available to be with them within 12 weeks of the program before you register for the class.

CE: 24 CE’S Massage Therapists FL & NCBTMB
Cost: $595 
3-4 days, 6 hrs per day, 9am-4pm  Plus 6 STP Hours or 4th day of live class

Place: Naples, FL,  & Webinar

Teacher: Alvina Quatrano, B.A., L.M.T., CSLA, CZB 


This is just what I needed to help my confidence in working with clients.    JK

This class might change your life!!!    BT

Wednesday – Saturday November 20-23, 2024

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August 22, 2017