Clinical Acupressure Study Group

Clinical Acupressure Study Group

For students and candidates for certification of Insight Acupressure Clinical Acupressure and Process Acupressure Classes a Study Group which will meet Monthly on Zoom (or in person in Naples FL) for regular review and development of basic to advanced (depending what is needed) acupressure practices put into play. $25 Single Session. $100 for 4 sessions. $200 for all 8 sessions. 2-3 CE’s available by request

4 – 6 PM

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Single Sessions $25

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4-Sessions $100

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8 Sessions $200

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Clinical Acupressure 1

Clinical Acupressure 2

Process Acupressure 1A

Clinical Acupressure Study Group

Seva Teacher Training

In this 2-day training you will learn to teach
Seva Stress Release: Part 1 For Self Care
Seva Stress Release: Part 2 For Others
Seva Stress Release: 90-minute introduction
Seva Stress Release: 60-minute introduction

The Spirit of Seva Project is the worldwide outreach program for Insight Acupressure. Our vision is for our instructors to offer Seva Stress Release (and eventually Acupressure for Anyone®) courses in communities where they are personally called to serve. This will create small “campfires” around the world that will eventually unite to create greater enlightenment for all beings. We are seeking new instructors who have a deep calling to join us in this vision and are prepared and motivated to lead courses designed to teach people about the principles and techniques of Insight Acupressure.

Eligibility: Certified practitioners and/or candidates for certification in Process Acupressure or Clinical Acupressure are eligible to apply. In order to offer continuing education to future students, our credentialing agencies also require a minimum of 5-years experience practicing Insight Acupressure OR a degree, license, or certification in a comparable program or allied health field. A strong background in teaching or presenting is highly recommended, but not required.

The application process: Acceptance into the Seva Teacher Training is achieved by application only. Selected individuals will be invited to attend an intensive 2-day Seva Teacher Training course.

The Seva Teacher Training Application Form PDF version  (to be updated)

The training: The Seva Teacher Training workshop provides the necessary tools, materials, lesson plans and support for teaching the Seva Stress Release class modules. In this training participants will observe and then demonstrate teaching each segment of the Seva Stress Release class and hands-on touch and point location skills. Participants will also learn how to do marketing and paperwork for administration of a Seva Stress Release Class.


1. Completion of the Insight Acupressure Foundation Certificate
2. Enrollment in (or completion of) PA or CA Certification.
3. If still enrolled as a certification candidate, mentor approval is required
4. Minimum 5-years experience practicing Insight Acupressure OR a degree, license, or certification in a comparable program or allied health field.

Continuing Education: 12 hours NCBTMB

Full Tuition: $295
Contact instructors for payment options.

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Clinical Acupressure Study Group


Acupressure for Anyone Self-Care Series by Insight Acupressure.

Seva Stress Release and many other Releases.

Possible Protocols Available:

Abdominal Release, Arms and Hands Release, Back Release, Central Channel Release, Chest Release, Childbirth Points,

Deep Relaxation Release, Emotional Stress Release, Harmony Release, Head Release, Hemorrhoid Release,

Hip, Knee, Foot and Ankle Release, Hot flashes & Urinary Health, Immune Lymph Booster, Leg and Foot Release,

Muscle Relaxation Release, Respiratory Release, Seva Stress Release, Sinus Ear Release, Special Headache Release,

Special Conditions (Broken bones, Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestion, Emergency Back, Callouses, Arthritis, Menstrual Cramps, Internal Skin — Hives, Acne, Lymph , External Skin –Sunburn, itch,Ivy,Burns., Misaligned Vertebrae)

Special Quick Relief Points (17 Points various issues), Spectrum of Emotions (Fingers & Toes)

View the Free 29 minute Introduction video below

You are welcome to watch this recording from Wednesday June 9, 2021. Immune/Lymph Booster To Combat COVID19 and Support Vaccine Uptake Anytime Enjoy!! PassWord 4U

Good Points Immune Lymph Booster Acupressure pw 4U

Available by appointment

Clinical Acupressure Study Group

Insight Acupressure Women’s Health Protocol

Webinar Style. or LIVE Part 1: Self-Care (for Anyone), Part 2: For Others (SL Certified Participants only).A pro-active approach to the health and well-being of all women using the ancient healing modality of acupressure. It was formulated honoring the sacredness of the female heart, breasts and reproductive system, while intentionally designed to address the individual needs of each woman bringing with it the present time, space, energy and awareness to the inner most physical parts of the female body, emotions and spirit. Men can benefit also.

During this class you will learn:

  • First 3 Hours Self-Care (Anyone), Second 3 Hours For Others (SL Certified Participants only)
  • Specific Acupoints used and their combinations
  • The Central Channel (Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel Meridians)
  • A specialized touch style used in Process Acupressure and Zero Balancing
  • How to work at Interface Touch
  • How to use this protocol on yourself
  • How to use this protocol on others
  • A Grounding Sequence
  • You will learn to give and receive a session

3 hour class for self care

  • Recommended if you are NOT pregnant
  • Recommended if you want to become pregnant
  • Ideal if you have menstrual issues or any female body concerns
  • Good for menopause times and peri-menopause
  • Also good for men

6 hour class for others presented for IA practitioners already versed in touch technique of Insight Acupressure OR  In-Person Only.

CE: 3-6 CE’s FL & NCTMB


A very powerful class…..CM

Even my husband likes this Health Protocol….VC

WOMEN’S HEALTH PROTOCOL STORY  (click link)   by Alvina Quatrano

Co-Teachers Missy Grace Oleaga and Alvina Quatrano

.Cost: Special Pricing $65 or

COMPLETE with For Others (IA Certified Only) $125  

OCTOBER 18, 2024  9-12 Self-Care, 1-4 For Others (Advanced IA Practitioners only)

Part 1 Self-Care Only 9 AM – Noon $65

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Class offered on ZOOM unless a LIVE Class is requested in Naples, FL, or Levittown, PA Lunch Break

WHP COMPLETE includes Part 2 For Others OCTOBER 18, 2024 1:00 – 4:00 $125 Lunch Break


The Story of The Women’s Health Protocol LINK

Clinical Acupressure Study Group

Insight Acupressure Immune Lymph Booster

Acupressure Protocol that addresses Colds, Flu & Chronic Fatigue, Immune Function, Lymph Function, Bronchitis, Earache, Tension

. Anyone can learn.

Available LIVE and WEBINAR

Part 1: Self-Care Class

** Opening Centering & Grounding Meditation

** Introduction to founder of Insight Acupressure and history of the work

** Benefits of this work

** Type of Touch: Fulcrum & Interface from Zero Balancing

** How to read body charts

** 20 Acupoints

** Using Acupressure Balls

** Awareness Journal

** Affirmations

** Supervised Self-Care Session

Part 2: For Others

** Going deeper into the work as above

** Giving and Receiving Immune/Lymph Booster

** Leg Stretch & Neck Stretch for Others

** Body Mechanics around table and chair

** Movement Work by Dr Aminah Raheem


CE: 3 CE’s Each Part NCBTMB and FL
Dates/Times: Thursday September 5, 2024  Part 1: Self-Care 9-12, Part 2: For Others 1-4 Eastern US 
Cost:  $75 Each Part

Part 1: Self-Care $75

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Part 2: For Others $75

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A lot of information and really effective acupressure!  QM

This helped me come out of a fever and lessened my flu symptoms.  Grateful.  JN