AOHMassage Foundation 2: Touch

AOHMassage Foundation 2: Touch

Webinar Style or LIVE in Naples FL.  Part 2 of the hands-on foundational information that precedes learning the AOHMassage 1 & 2 Protocol.

AOHMassage F1:Subtle Body recommended before F2:Touch — Available online anytime at CE Broker 1 CE  $25 AOHMassage Foundation 1: Subtle Body #20-909806

Meaningful Touch: Principles and Calibrations of Touch; Concept of Interface from Zero Balancing.

Learn and Practice:  Leg Pull, Neck Release, Review Swedish Techniques. Self- Massage Meditation, Many Technique Instructional 1-Minute Videos.

59-Page Manual available through Copies America Debby 800-423-2679, coil bound. Can order three-hole punch or plain for sheet protectors if you like.  $40 includes shipping. Check with Alvina if Manuals available in class.

7 CE’s


F2 Now Available ON DEMAND AT CE BROKER      2 CE’s $45         #20-918703

Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Meridian Massage is ideal for the recent massage therapy graduate as it sets a foundation for a lifetime career. It is also a refreshing class to renew and spice up your current practice. Addresses and clears the organ meridians of the body. Cutting Edge Work.

  Webinar or Live Naples FL 

Tuesday June 11, 2024  9-5

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Tuesday July 16, 2024 9-5

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Tuesday August 20, 2024 9-5

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Tuesday September 24, 2024 9-5

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Alvina’s workshops are so much more than dry theory. She is able to explain well and show her love for massage and the beneficial techniques she teaches. YB

AOHMassage Foundation 2: Touch

Art of Holistic Massage (AOHM) Foundation 3: Reflexology

Webinar Style or LIVE Class Reflexology: This is an experiential workshop.It can be considered an Introductory Class to Reflexology.

This is our most popular class that ANYBODY can take.Release stress from the whole body through the feet and hands.The ancient art and practice of Reflexology uses specific points on the feet and hands to enhance the natural healing abilities of the body’s corresponding organs and glands. Join us to learn these simple, effective techniques for keeping the body in balance. Great for couples, bodyworkers, caregivers and those who just want to treat themselves. 2 or 6 CE’s

$50  2 CE’s  Webinar  Upon Request (usually evenings)

$100  LIVE Class 6 CE’s  (usually include lunch)

CE Broker LMT 6 CE’s  Anytime Online 20-848386

Please request Classes if you don’t see them scheduled when you want them.

Webinar Style you will receive a Zoom link for the class and a link to download the manual.

Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage)  Series is ideal for the recent massage therapy graduate as it sets a foundation for a lifetime career. It is also a refreshing class to renew and spice up your current practice. Addresses and clears the organ meridians of the body.

February 17, 2024 9-3

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June 12, 2024   9-3 

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July 17, 2024 9-3

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August 21, 2024 9-3

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September 25, 2024 9-3

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I will incorporate more into my massage!! People will be like “You took a class didn’t you!!” MF

I can totally do a whole session just Reflexology now!!!! JR

I will use this with clients at the spa! CT

Insight Acupressure Women’s Health Protocol

Insight Acupressure Women’s Health Protocol

Webinar Style. or LIVE Part 1: Self-Care (for Anyone), Part 2: For Others (SL Certified Participants only).A pro-active approach to the health and well-being of all women using the ancient healing modality of acupressure. It was formulated honoring the sacredness of the female heart, breasts and reproductive system, while intentionally designed to address the individual needs of each woman bringing with it the present time, space, energy and awareness to the inner most physical parts of the female body, emotions and spirit. Men can benefit also.

During this class you will learn:

  • First 3 Hours Self-Care (Anyone), Second 3 Hours For Others (SL Certified Participants only)
  • Specific Acupoints used and their combinations
  • The Central Channel (Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel Meridians)
  • A specialized touch style used in Process Acupressure and Zero Balancing
  • How to work at Interface Touch
  • How to use this protocol on yourself
  • How to use this protocol on others
  • A Grounding Sequence
  • You will learn to give and receive a session

3 hour class for self care

  • Recommended if you are NOT pregnant
  • Recommended if you want to become pregnant
  • Ideal if you have menstrual issues or any female body concerns
  • Good for menopause times and peri-menopause
  • Also good for men

6 hour class for others presented for IA practitioners already versed in touch technique of Insight Acupressure OR  In-Person Only.

CE: 3-6 CE’s FL & NCTMB


A very powerful class…..CM

Even my husband likes this Health Protocol….VC

WOMEN’S HEALTH PROTOCOL STORY  (click link)   by Alvina Quatrano

Co-Teachers Missy Grace Oleaga and Alvina Quatrano

.Cost: Special Pricing $65 or

COMPLETE with For Others (IA Certified Only) $125  

JUNE 9, 2024 9-12 Self-Care, 1-4 For Others (Advanced IA Practitioners only)

Part 1 Self-Care Only 9 AM – Noon $65

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Class offered on ZOOM unless a LIVE Class is requested in Naples, FL, or Levittown, PA Lunch Break

WHP COMPLETE includes Part 2 For Others JUNE 9, 2024 1:00 – 4:00 $125 Lunch Break


The Story of The Women’s Health Protocol LINK

Insight Acupressure Women’s Health Protocol

Insight Acupressure Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications

A Four-Day Class through Insight Acupressure. Includes manual of 75 Acupressure protocols. And New Skilled-Touch-Practitioner “STP” Program. NCBTMB and FL 24 CE’s 4 Days ( Either LIVE In-Person or Hybrid-Style = 3 days in Live-Webinar class online and 1 day Skilled Touch or Study Group) One Day Skilled Touch Practitioner (STP) for Webinar Style Class arranged before registration.

New Price $595

Students may need to order manuals so please give time for that. Check with Teacher.

Wednesday – Saturday May 22-25, 2024

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Insight Acupressure Women’s Health Protocol

Insight Acupressure Clinical Acupressure Practica

Each 2 day practicum is an opportunity to expand upon the learning and experience of CA2 and/or PA3. Each practicum will focus on a specific pair of organ meridians. Students will refine their skills for recognizing and working with the unique patterns associated with each meridian. Special attention will be given to the function and interaction of specific points, and the nature of each meridian as it applies to health, balance, and consciousness. You are also welcome to join us via Webinar.
Pre-requisites: Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians and/or The Hologram: PA3

CE: 12 CE’s eachDates/Times: available upon request but traditionally done seasonally.
Winter – Kidney/Bladder Meridians –   January 7-8, 2024 
Spring – Liver/Gall Bladder Meridians –   March 3-4, 2024 
Summer – Heart/Small Intestine/Pericardium/Triple Warmer Meridians – June 2-3, 2024
Late Summer – Stomach/Spleen Meridians – August 28-29, 2024
Autumn – Lung/Large Intestine Meridians –  November 3-4, 2024

Cost: $295 each


These practicums are like a retreat. Really good for going deep.  SL

I have time for learning more and for myself too!!!    AK

January 7-8, 2024

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March 3-4, 2024

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June 2-3, 2024

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August 28-29, 2024

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November 3-4, 2024

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