Art of Holistic Massage – AOHMassage 2: Back of Body Massage Protocol

Part 2 of 2 of the AOHMassage Protocol available LIVE & Webinar.

Prerequisites:  AOHMassage Foundation Parts 1-3 or AOHMassage Online Class Parts 1-5 and AOHMassage Part 1.

This course addresses and clears the organ meridians of the body and is cutting edge work.

Experiential Workshop Review: Meridians & 5 Elements, Energy Massage, What is Holistic Massage, Leg Release, Neck Release.

Supervised Demo & Practice AOHMassage Protocol; Full Body Massage. Self-Care Chakra Tai Chi & Awareness Journal.

Manual and Video 7 CE’s

Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Meridian Massage is ideal for the recent massage therapy graduate as it sets a foundation for a lifetime career. It is also a refreshing class to renew and spice up your current practice.

$125 Covid Discount Reg. $175

August 6, 2021 Naples FL

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What They Are Saying…

Putting it all together!! Highly recommend. MF