Tips for Winter Wellness

Tips for Winter Wellness

And Their Results!!

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Tips for Winter Wellness

Be Still, Meditate, Write, Read

Sit by the Sea, Lake, River, Waterfall

Rest, Calm, Quiet Time

Eat Well, Make Nutritious Soup

Foot Massage with Friends

Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Others


When One Stays in Darkness Long Enough, One Begins to See.” Carl Jung

Use the Will Not to do.

Restorative Yoga.  Qi Gong.  Tai Chi.

Pay Attention to the Power of Fear (The Emotion of Winter)

Evaluate Your Storehouse.  What Resources do I have? What Gifts do I Have of Mind, Body, Spirit? Loved Ones, Money Possessions?  How can I be a Better Steward of My Goods so that I Have More to Share and Less to Fear?

Let Go of Outmoded Habits–Make Way for New Ways–Allow Yourself to be a Beginner–Clean Slate.

Do you understand your own unique abilities and healthy limits?

Can you apportion the appropriate amount of energy needed to accomplish your sense of purpose?

Do you have the will power to say “No” to the things not for you to do?

Take Small Steps.  Intention is Powerful.  Develop Patience and Perseverance.

Get a Back Massage or Acupressure Session!!

Do a Nutritional Cleanse to flush toxins and boost your immune system.


Pay attention to Ergonomics,,,

Practice the Inner Smile Meditation or The Parallel Breath Meditation,

Self-Acupressure: Use two hackey sacks in a sock, start on either side of the spine at the tailbone and move it up an inch every minute–releases the spine.  Can use the Pink Spalding Balls that bounce or a knotted towel, pillowcase, or something you like better.

Yamuna Ball Rolling–videos available and teachers near you!!! Is like giving your self a Neuromuscular Massage

Paint your room and cover your electrical boxes and appliances with Tachyon Paint and Discs.  Ward off EMF’s.

Join the YMCA, or Volunteer at your favorite charity.

Find Advisors:  Acupuncturist, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Psychotherapist, Minister…

Study, Plan, Start a Hobby, Join a Club, Spiritual Study, Contemplation.

The Results:

Increased Initiative, Motivation, Perseverance.

Increased Serenity

Sense of Power and Equilibrium

Increased Sense of Trust

Ability to Know and Speak Authentic Feelings

Ability to Stay with Projects until They are Complete

Less Fear and Anxiety; More Excitement and Curiosity

The Courage To Face The Unknown

Learn More!

Water/Winter Practicum with Alvina seasonally…..Advanced Clinical Acupressure. CA 1 & CA 2 prerequisite

CA 1 & CA 2 from Insight Acupressure.