Inner Light Meditation Director Yolanda Beckers

Inner Light Meditation Director Yolanda Beckers

Yolanda Beckers is the Director of the Innerlight Meditation Center and non profit Health and Wellness Sanctuary in Naples, Florida. She has been on the spiritual path for over 30 years. Yolanda has studied Naturopathy, Ananda Yoga and Spring Forest Qi Gong. She is a teacher at the Spiritual University of the Brahma Kumaris. Yolanda was taught Healing Sound techniques by Tibetan Monks. She has been teaching courses in holistic conflict resolution at Nova University. Yolanda does seminars in Body, Mind, and Spirit in different parts of the world. Her true love is to share wisdom and “light” with others.

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AOHMassage Classes & Services with Alvina

Couples Massage Tutorial

Couples Massage Tutorial

A couple came into the spa where I was working (pre-COVID) to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary with massages. 

He was a Math Teacher for adults in college. I don’t know what made me do it but I asked him if he had ever had a massage before.  Never!  An Honor I told him and that his job would be to breathe and to tell me if anything did not feel good. 

He punctuated the end of the massage with a gentle snore.  A fan! his wife said.  When they emerged he told her Honey, I’ve been doing it wrong all this time!!!  I told him it’s never too late and that the more massages he received the better his giving would be.  She said she wants another 40 years together!!!  Bliss!! 

PS: Meaningful Touch Developing Conscious Touch & Couples Massage Tutorial Classes Available!!! 

Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Package 2023

Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Package 2023


** Three (3) $95 AOHMassage Signature Sessions Plus 15-Minute Add-On ($25 Value) Plus Acupressure Self-Care Class ($10 Value)  $285

AOHMassage Package includes a 15-Minute Add-On ($25 Value) (75 Min Session) and Free One-Hour Zoom Invite to Good Points Self-Care Acupressure Class ($10 Value) Each Month (A Different Self-Care Acupressure Protocol Each Month)

** 75 Minute Signature Session @$95 includes:

Individually Designed Holistic Massage, Warm Himalayan Salt Stones, Relevant Gentle Acupressure, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Zero Balancing, Somatic Movement, Stretching, AOHMassage Signature Organic Massage Oil

2023 First Quarter Package 15-Minute Add-Ons ($25 Value)(75 Minute Session) January – March 2023

Choose One (each time) With Purchase of 3 Sessions @ $285 (90 Day Expiration)

Seasonal Acupressure Tune-Up — Winter/Water Balancing —
Stimulate Deep Functional Wellness, Peace, Stillness

Facial or Back Scrub — Gentle Scrub & Warm Towels

Foot Bath & Tea — Salt Bath & Choice Tea

Head Massage — Scalp Massage & Acupoints

Purchase Package 🙂

Second Quarter 15-Minute Add-Ons (April-June)
Seasonal Tune-Up Spring/Wood Balancing — Waking Up,Movement,Plan

Third Quarter 15-Minute Add-Ons (July-September)
Seasonal Tune-Up Summer/Fire — Find Calm in the Active

Fourth Quarter 15-Minute Add-Ons (October-December)
Seasonal Tune-Up Autumn/Earth/Metal — Nourish, Let Go

Individualized Therapeutic Holistic Massage

Individualized Therapeutic Holistic Massage

Our work at the Art of Holistic Massage consists of a variety of hands-on techniques characterized by hypnotic strokes that enable inner focus to attain healing through integration of mind/body/spirit. Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflexology, Zero Balancing, Stretching & Movement, Crania-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Process Acupressure & Chakra attention can all show up in a treatment.

Your first session includes a free interview and consultation along with one-hour of customized bodywork. Allow for 2 hours on this initial session.

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