Dana House Sacred Sound

Dana House Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound Ceremony

5PM Saturday April 8

Join Dana House, guest Sound Healer, for a blissful Sacred Sound Ceremony at Fusion Yoga & Wellness for the first time!

The healing power of sound has been around for thousands of years. Before we are born, sound is one of our first senses. In today’s fast-paced society, relaxation and meditation are more important than ever to maintain our health and wellbeing. The long-lasting tones of sound healing instruments help to produce “trance” brain waves and support vibratory conditions conducive to outer relaxation and inner meditation. They can promote healing through resonant frequencies and pure tones. Crystal bowls are made of quartz crystal as well as precious and semi precious stones,  which can focus, store, amplify and transmit energy patterns.

For this special sound bath you’ll experience the sacred sounds of Dana’s collection of empowering Gongs and ethereal Crystal Bowls, chimes and more… all acting in harmonious vibration to accelerate energetic healing, spiritual awakening and immersion into blissful remembrances of unity with all creation.  

Relax comfortably on your mat with supportive props as you allow the sounds to take you along sacred healing pathways for mind, body and soul. Most of this 90 minute experience will take place laying down, or seated if you prefer. Feel free to bring any extra pillows, blankets, and eye pillows for your comfort.

Dana House has been a healer and spiritual practitioner for many lifetimesYumdecades, beginning with piano at age 6, her first Tibetan bowl in 1983, crystal bowls in 2002, culminating in the ecstasy of the Gong baths in 2009. She has much experience with the harmonic sounds of healing instruments , including but not limited to dynamic Gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, tangas, rain sticks, etc. Dana gives immersive  sound experiences, conducts sound healing workshops, and also utilizes sound in teaching meditation classes, as well as private massage, energy and sound sessions…to not only create more peace prosperity and joy in individual lives but to assist all of humanity to recognize its oneness and encourage greater compassion and cooperation worldwide. 

Pre-Registration Required $35

Website: fusionyogawellness.com

Phone:(239) 498-8800


Mimi Cross The Artist’s Path

Mimi Cross The Artist’s Path

Mimi’s class, Choosing the Artist’s Path, uses Julia Cameron’s well known workbook, The Artist’s Way as the core curriculum. 

She says, “Choosing the Artist’s Path is one of my permanent offerings at Project Write Now, a nonprofit in Red Bank, NJ that transforms organizations, communities, and individuals through writing where I’ve been working for several years teaching tweens and teens Songwriting. 

In my Songwriting programs, students learn how to connect with themes that are personal to them, and therefore resonate on a universal level. This is a quality found in all good writing. During this strange and scary time especially, Songwriting is a great outlet, as well as a way to build community and spend time together. A way to explore our stories, and set them to music. 

You may remember that the main character of my debut novel BEFORE GOODBYE is a budding songwriter. It’s really through her exploration of songs and lyric writing, that main character Cate Reese begins healing, after a great loss. 

I believe that all writing is healing, but Songwriting in particular, since it involves singing. Singing is a wonderful way to focus on our breath and our bodies, similar to the way we do when practicing yoga. It’s a meditative, fun activity that helps us express ourselves, release tension, and relax, and I’m happy to be able to provide one-on-one voice lessons over Zoom during a time when people need to “make some noise” more than ever.”

A student testimonial reads:

I am creative! I am an artist! These were affirmations I could neither feel nor express until I met Mimi Cross.

Mimi Cross, course facilitator of the 12-week workshop, Choosing the Artist’s Path, takes a strategically well-planned book and methodology, author Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, and brings it to life, specifically, to your life, as she guides you through the wonderful journey of getting in touch with the creative force within you.

Mimi fully brings herself and her experiences to every class as she personalizes the course material for each student. Her concepts and insights helped me reach into myself, become aware, connect, and find the core issues keeping me creatively blocked. In her class, I learned to rekindle my creativity, spirituality, and respect my gift.

Building on this wonderful experience, you will find that Mimi’s delightful, meaningful and spiritually connected meditations take you to another place; a place deep within you. She then gently eases you from meditation into a writing or visual art experience. 

If you want to get in touch with your creativity and yourself, meet Mimi Cross.

Website: mimicross.com
Twitter: @mimicross

Praise for SHINING SEA 
“Cross’s songwriting experience comes across in the poetic language.” —Publishers Weekly

“Desperate and real. Stunningly beautiful!” —Night Owl Reviews