Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Package 2024

Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Package 2024

Our Very Popular Package Is Continued Into 2024!!! Here’s To Wellness!!!!

** Three (3) $95 AOHMassage Signature Sessions Plus 15-Minute Add-On ($25 Value) Plus Acupressure Self-Care Class ($10 Value)  $285

AOHMassage Package includes a 15-Minute Add-On ($25 Value) (75 Min Session) and Free One-Hour Zoom Invite to Good Points Self-Care Acupressure Class ($10 Value) Each Month (A Different Self-Care Acupressure Protocol Each Month)

** 75 Minute Signature Session @$95 includes:

Individually Designed Holistic Massage, Warm Himalayan Salt Stones, Relevant Gentle Acupressure, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Zero Balancing, Somatic Movement, Stretching, AOHMassage Signature Organic Massage Oil

Add-Ons 2024 Package 15-Minute ($25 Value – 75 Minute Session)

Choose One (each time) With Purchase of 3 Sessions @ $285 (90 Day Expiration)

Seasonal Acupressure Tune-Up — Winter/Water Balancing — January -March
Stimulate Deep Functional Wellness, Peace, Stillness/ Kidney -Bladder

Spring/Wood Balancing — April – June — Athletic Release, Arthritis Release/ Liver – GallBladder

Summer/Fire Balancing — July – September — Heart Release

Late Summer/ Earth Balancing — October – December — Abdominal ReleaseSpleen/Stomach

Facial or Back Scrub — Gentle Scrub & Warm Towels

Foot Bath & Tea — Salt Bath & Choice Tea

Head Massage — Scalp Massage & Acupoints

Purchase Package 🙂

Second Quarter (April-June) 15-Minute Add-Ons
Seasonal Tune-Up Spring/Wood Balancing — Waking Up,Movement,Plan

Third Quarter (July-September) 15-Minute Add-Ons
Seasonal Tune-Up Summer/Fire — Find Calm in the Active

Fourth Quarter (October-December) 15-Minute Add-Ons
Seasonal Tune-Up Autumn/Earth/Metal — Nourish, Let Go

AOHMassage Meridian Massage Self-Care

AOHMassage Meridian Massage Self-Care

Simple Movements To Clear, Open and Strengthen Body, Mind, and Spirit.
A Wonderful Self-Help Opportunity For Anyone!

 Derived from the curriculum of Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Foundation 1: Subtle Body Class. 

Meridian Massage is a 3-Hour Module including: An Introduction to the Meridian Energy System of the Body and Self-Care Technique

ENJOY! This 6-Minute Video!!

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Meridian Massage Video by Alvina Quatrano, Art of Holistic Massage Naples FL
Touch: Healing Our Bodies

Touch: Healing Our Bodies

Touch: Healing Our Bodies by Madisyn Taylor 

    published in Daily OM July 11, 2014

Incorporating human touch in to our everyday lives is vital to the healing of our emotional and physical selves.

The Wonders of our Bodies

Sometimes we might concentrate so much on our spiritual lives that we overlook the wonders of being present in our physical form. When we are more aware of the fact that our bodies are also important in terms of our personal growth, we may find it easier to nurture them. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through human touch, for a loving, comforting touch allows us to access the part of ourselves that yearns for a sense of oneness with the world around us. Even simple forms of touch connect us not just to our bodies but also to the energetic presence of other people.


There are so many ways to incorporate touch in our daily lives, one of the easiest being a heartfelt embrace. Just making a point to hug someone on a daily basis and really feel our energy pass between each other can strengthen the bonds that keep us together.  Hugs help us heal any hurt or upset we may have recently experienced by letting us release that no matter what happens to us, we have someone in our lives who supports and cares for us. 

Massage Restores

Another nourishing form of touch is massage.  While we may think of massage as a luxury, it is actually an ancient form of healing that enables us to open up our energetic pathways in order to receive unlimited energy from the universe. It doesn’t matter whether a simple massage comes from a loved one or a massage therapist, but by giving ourselves the gift of massage every once in a while, we are doing something healthy and beneficial for our bodies.  Massage helps our bodies activate their own restorative powers, creating a wonderful way to engage fully in our own healing. 

Healing Nature of Touch

Letting ourselves take advantage of the healing nature of touch creates space where we can truly live in and experience the world through our bodies, allowing us to completely immerse ourselves in the loving sense of joy and wonder that is our life.

Couples Massage Classes

Consider taking Alvina’s Couples Massage Class which is a comprehensive and caring way to learn Partners Massage. One is coming up February 18-19, 2022 but can be arranged anytime.