Support and Healing with Acupressure in Borrego

Support and Healing with Acupressure in Borrego

My experience with the acupressure point IA 23 (LI 18) Receive Support and Rush Out.

Assisting a PA Class In Borrego Springs, CA

I was at my teachers (Dr Aminah Raheem) home in Borrego Springs, California, assisting her in a Process Acupressure Class when I learned the power of acupoints for support and healing in a very dramatic way. Although I already knew that acupoints and acupressure are tremendously healing and powerful — it works!! — I had a dynamic illustration of how it works when I partnered with one of the students for her practice session.

Student Practice

She kindly asked me how she could serve me as she did a client intake with me sitting on the massage table in Dr Raheem’s office which was completely covered with photos and icons of saints from all of creation (talk about being supported). Dr Raheem was also standing in the room observing us. I chose a protocol (I don’t remember which one) which had the beginning acupoint IA 23 (LI 18). When the student touched that acupoint I said that I would prefer if she only held the area of the point with her whole hand as I felt I just needed to feel supported there. The student complied.

Altered States

Immediately, I began to cry but only for a moment. Then, I was coughing, like in The Green Mile movie where the actor takes in people’s badness and illness and then lets it out in a stream of gadflies. That happened for a bit, forcefully extracting something from deep down through my throat. I whipped my glasses off (I couldn’t wear my contacts in the desert dryness). As I moved off the table and commenced into a yoga flow that was from an altered state of consciousness for some minutes. One move after the next seamlessly flowing. And then I stopped. I was in a full Camel Pose when I came out of the altered state and I raised one arm up and asked to help me come to a standing position. Dr Raheem told me to go ahead and rest on the lanai the rest of the morning.

Acupoint Name Relevance

Later Dr Raheem came to me to say “That point name is Receive Support and Rush Out”!!!

World Support and Healing

That afternoon was supposed to be my turn receiving a treatment from Dr Raheem as a demo in front of the class. Since I had had such a dynamically transformative session in the morning she gave me the option to have the session or not. I said that I would like to have the session but only if it was gentle. And so she invited me to the table for my session with her. As I was relaxing on the table and she was working around me I had a vision of yellow flowers in a field. It felt as though angels were surrounding all of us and we were being blessed with all love and beauty. Everyone felt it and the room turned golden. It filled with a golden light. We all experienced it.

And that’s how I came to understand that being a support can lend support and healing and bring beauty and love to all. Also, that we don’t have to hold on to any poor feelings or experiences — we can let them go and be well and loved.

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