Zero Balancing¬†…..A Breath of Fresh Air Hypopnea/Hyperpnea. I love those words. They have a lot of character. They are medical terms used to describe a breathing cycle that occurs frequently during a Zero Balancing session. Hypopnea is the quiet state before a hyperpnea or “big breath.” Hypopnea is mysterious since it is the silent, quiet, nonexistent breath. Where are you? It’s as if you’re in a dream state. Yes, that very rich state where you can connect with your soul. Your breath opens your body to receive the gentle healing energy of the treatment and you are forever changed. You are gifted graciously with buoyancy, which brings a new consciousness to forgotten ideas and areas of the body, which awaken as if from a long sleep to be clarified, enlightened. Hyperpnea: an invocation that excites every cell, stimulating the organs to wake up and seize the moment. And what a moment! The cobwebs are blown away and pure juice remains. Fresh oxygen supplying the body, reaching to every crevice and fold of skin and tissue. Feed tension, delighted senses, a rested state…You are supported by the practitioner’s touch, a simple, yet profoundly deep connection that unlocks the treasure of who you are. Hyperpnea: permission to expand yourself to be who you are more strongly, an act of entitlement to inhabit your own space more fully. “Alvina,” asks Colleen,”What would the world be without ZB?”. For she has known Zero Balancing to create confirmation of herself; to support her in clarifying her needs and wants by the simple richness of bone on bone. Bone released from stress via Zero Balancing to simply support us as the skeleton was intended to; unfettered by burdens of anxiety, predjudice, shame, abuse, illness, confusion, etc., to be as it was intended to be: pure energy moving with grace; pure structure connected with the ground. Alignment happens!

There is a Pyramid Meditation which Dr. Fritz Smith (the originator of Zero Balancing) teaches. (avail at It utilizes the chakras and our connection to heaven and earth providing energetic alignment for all within the pyramid. Usually a prayer is said to include the earth in our healing efforts for it is she who is supporting our lives here and we need always to be gracious and honor her for allowing us to use her paths, her air, her water, her warmth and her coolness. She provides our environment, our home. We make ourselves more at home by our practices, living harmoniously and vigilantly with and for the earth. Hyperpnea!…Oh!…Yes!…I’m alive! A radiant Being who stands with others. Here, on earth!

Check out the Zero Balancing Article in Summer 2002 Vol 41,No.2 Massage Magazine!!!