Your Body Doesn’t Lie

In fact, your body holds all the information that’s happened to you during your whole life. It’s your living file system. And as a kind of storage space for memories, it’s one of the best ways to heal and align the mind/body/spirit connection. And when these aspects of self are aligned healing pathways are found. It’s a delicate proposition: healing the self through accessing information stored in the body. And as such, must be handled with gentleness, compassion, and caring. A safe and comforting way to do this is through Process Acupressure. With Process Acupressure, you find yourself supported by the bodywork experience and the bodyworker to explore yourself unconditionally. And when this is done, wondrous things can happen. Each session is created to enable creativity, imagination, and enlightenment–yet is deeply grounded in the here-and-now through the body dynamic, the protocol of acupressure, and touch itself. Holding “acupoints” that relate to specific areas of difficulty or points throughout the body, clear the energy pathways and support strengthening in your being and encourage you to develop a sense of entitlement “to be who you are”. By working with the body in such a manner as Process Acupressure you can enrich your own unique being through support of spiritual compassion and nonjudgement–in the end you will access your truth and in that, “the truth will set you free.”