This is the subtle truth: Whatever you love, you are.–RUMI

Self-Help Process Acupressure: Put 2 hackey sacks in a sock so that you have handles at either end (you can also knot a small towel or place tennis balls at either end). Place the balls on either side of the spine, so that you are lying on them. Starting at the tailbone, begin moving them up every minute an inch at a time until they reach your head–releasing all the tension.

Dr. Fritz Smith’s Parallel Breath Meditation When feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about something like a decision or the pace of life. Sit down and inhale deeply. Imagining that the breath is traveling from your head (crown) to your feet(ground). When you exhale imagine that the breath travels from the feet up through the head. Continue for 10 minutes or until feeling better CD available at includes Inner Smile meditation

The Enneagram The Enneagram is an ancient form of personality typing devised by the Jesuits to get along better together in the monastaries. It was notoriously passed down verbally until the 1970’s when Helen Palmer, PhD, Stanford University, brought it out in her book, The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life. There are numerous teachers and writers and workshops on the Enneagram today, even a newsletter. Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson of New York City have an excellent book called, The Wisdom of The Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types. To take a free Enneagram test click here: RHETI test

The I Ching A fun tool to help focus and find guidance in the moment The Wilhelm-Baynes Edition (classic) The I Ching: A Guide To Life’s Turning Points, Brian Browne Walker Tiger and Dragon I Ching,Rowena Kryder