(As published in New Jersey Holistic magazine Winter 2002)

Process Acupressure can address many common physical symptoms including back problems, headaches, PMS, respiratory, digestive and systemic problems, as well as colds, flu, allergies and healing from injuries. Over 100 specific acupressure protocols have been developed to provide therapy for all parts of the body and many specific conditions. PA is especially helpful with stress-related conditions, including post-traumatic stress. It is not appropriate for severe medical problems or psychosis and does not replace medical care. Finger pressure is used to stimulate acupoints on the body’s surface. The pressure used in specific combinations helps to open and balance energy pathways that have been restricted. This helps to alleviate pain and various dysfunctions and brings greater harmony and function to all other systems in the body. Process Acupressure also helps promote better health and renewed energy by actively involving you in your own healing and growth processes. It teaches you to become more aware of your body and your “process”–that is, you particular history, style, and patterns of thinking, feeling, behavior, health, and illness. It teaches you how to respect and follow this process as your own unique path to health and growth. You will more readily recognize the subtle things you do to foster, or suppress the natural growth process. You can learn new ways to help yourself and how to change those patterns that are not working. Dr. Aminah Raheem developed the holistic method of Process Acupressure after more than 20 years of study in various psychologies and hands-on modalities, along with 35 years of spiritual practice. She was an adjunct faculty member of The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology for 10 years. She is a mother, Zero Balancing Teacher, Diplomate of Process Work, transpersonal psychologist, and author. She has taught Process Acupressure and integrative body psychology to both student and practitioners in the United States and throughout Europe. Dr. Raheem’s book, Soul Return: Integrating Body, Psyche, and Spirit, was one of the first to bring the soul into bodywork and psychology. Soul Return addresses the roles that the body and soul have in psychological development and transformation. It is a scientifically conducted, well-reasoned survey of the factors that affect health–from love and wisdom to soul purpose, enlightenment and service. PA grew out of Dr. Aminah Raheem’s search for ways to work with all parts of a person simultaneously. After investigating many bodywork styles, she chose traditional acupressure and combined it with the unique touch of Dr. Fritz Smith’s Zero Balancing, which addresses both energy and structure. The bodywork was then combined with various psycho spiritual process skills developed by Aminah, which included principles of Arnold Mindell’s Process Work. These principles and techniques in combination bring about a therapeutic approach that can elicit and fulfill the individual needs of the client. What happens during a PA treatment? Typically, a session takes from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. During this time you lie fully clothed on a massage table while the practitioner applies gentle pressure to your acupoints (the same as used in acupuncture). Normally the session has several phases: As a state of relaxation ensues, you may become aware of issues within your body and/or consciousness. As the session progresses, you may go into a deeper state of awareness, beneath surface tension, to access clarity or guidance about issues at hand. Finally, integration and completion of the process occur as the session is closed by chakra balancing and grounding.