It starts like most sessions, with speaking any issues, goals, symptoms, intentions, concerns.

It starts with speaking, and then a choice is made. The practitioner selects a formula of acupressure points that will be the vehicle for delving deeper to find the luminous quality of Soul behind it all.

You lie back on the table, fully clothed, and begin to relax into the hands of the therapist. You may notice a calming sense of wonder. You may notice everything you have been holding, being, carrying. You may begin to let it go.

So, you ask your Soul to be present. Ask for guidance. Messages come in. A bird sings, a moon beam lights the room, a song is heard from outside somewhere, a message is heard in your head. You will pay attention to anything that shows up now — it’s important. These signals are congruent to the transformation that is happening in you–it matters. You matter.

The practitioner may or may not speak. She may encourage you to focus on the present moment. You may choose to share how visions, emotions, sensations, inspirations come and go through your body/mind. She will follow you wherever you go, and help you remember who you are at the deepest levels. You will find a way to remember these things, and create a way to carry them forward. These are intentions for your Soul path. Message received. Yes, you’ve become a receptor, tuned in, connected to yourself. This is how you know you’re on the right track. No one else can tell you these things.

You will be certain of your next steps because the direction has come from within you. You release what’s no longer needed so you can move forward with only the most essential parts of you. You lighten up. Soul Lightening. You continue on your way in a better way. Connected to all you are, and all you are capable of being. Soul Joy. Au Nautrale. Naturalement. Naturally. And so it is.

Lighten Up With Insight Acupressure by Alvina Quatrano, LMT
Published in Soul Lightening Newsletter January 2013

Also featured in case study collection Empowering Whole-Being Health edited by Cathy Miller and Deanna Waggy  2018 as The Experience of a Process Acupressure Session: the Natural Flow of a Session.