An Hour With Alvina with Be Well In Paradise Sunday Sept 20, 2020   11 am

Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi

Currently available for Anytime Online through CE Broker General Course Number 20-852369 and

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From Insight  Acupressure. Simple, Traditional Tai Chi Movements Paired with Chakra Consciousness. Clearing, Energizing, Strengthening. Video Available

Class CE: 2 CE’s
Dates/Times: This class is sometimes offered Live at the Naples Beach or in classes with Alvina
Cost: $25

Chakra Tai Chi is a 20 minute exercise with movements taken from traditional Tai Chi, Chakra Tai Chi was developed by Dr Raheem for her students as a means to clear and energize themselves, as well as to monitor their energetic and conscious development. Although simple, Chakra Tai Chi is very energizing and clarifying. It can be used by anyone as a self-help tool. It can be used as a regular practice for clearing , energizing, and strengthening your chakra energies, as well as for reading and developing your conscious alignment with your full potential. Developmental correspondences with each of the seven traditional chakras and one additional one from root to crown is explained. The easy but strong Tai Chi movements are demonstrated as they relate to each chakra. Then you are shown how to bring all the movements together as a body/mind/soul exercise for health and consciousness development.

What They Are Saying…

Lovely to do outside in nature.  TR

I really learned something about myself by doing this and I can do it anytime!!!   CL

An Hour With Alvina with Be Well In Paradise Sunday Sept 20, 2020   11 am

Meridian Massage Module Art of Holistic Massage Foundation 1: Subtle Body

Webinar Version. Derived from the curriculum of Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Foundation 1: Subtle Body Class. Meridian Massage Module is a 3 hour Program including: An Introduction to the Meridian Energy System of the Body and Self-Care Technique

CEU: 3 CE’s Live or 2 Ce’s online anytime CE Broker #20-852377  TAKE IT NOW!
Cost: $50

A Manual & Video is included.
Simple Movements To Clear, Open and Strengthen The Energy of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
A wonderful Self-Help opportunity for anyone!

Also available at CE Broker Anytime Online #20-852377 for 2 CE’s  Go Directly to CE Broker to register.


A lot of good materials and self-care.   JB

Lots of valuable information!  CG

A good introduction to what Meridian Massage is.  Can benefit anyone’s practice & healing. Useful.  CB

Insight Acupressure Immune Lymph Booster

Insight Acupressure Immune Lymph Booster

Acupressure Protocol that addresses Colds, Flu & Chronic Fatigue, Immune Function, Lymph Function, Bronchitis, Earache, Tension

. Anyone can learn.

Available LIVE and WEBINAR

Part 1: Self-Care Class

** Opening Centering & Grounding Meditation

** Introduction to founder of Insight Acupressure and history of the work

** Benefits of this work

** Type of Touch: Fulcrum & Interface from Zero Balancing

** How to read body charts

** 20 Acupoints

** Using Acupressure Balls

** Awareness Journal

** Affirmations

** Supervised Self-Care Session

Part 2: For Others

** Going deeper into the work as above

** Giving and Receiving Immune/Lymph Booster

** Leg Stretch & Neck Stretch for Others

** Body Mechanics around table and chair

** Movement Work by Dr Aminah Raheem


CE: 3 CE’s Each Part NCBTMB and FL
Dates/Times: Thursday September 5, 2024  Part 1: Self-Care 9-12, Part 2: For Others 1-4 Eastern US 
Cost:  $75 Each Part

Part 1: Self-Care $75

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Part 2: For Others $75

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A lot of information and really effective acupressure!  QM

This helped me come out of a fever and lessened my flu symptoms.  Grateful.  JN

Insight Acupressure Immune Lymph Booster

Insight Acupressure SEVA Stress Release Part 1: Self-Care Webinar or Live

After the events of 9/11, created by Insight Acupressure Teachers from the heart addressing the heart to relieve shock & stress in the world. Webinar Style or LIVE, 3-hour Self-Care Class, teaches a gentle acupressure protocol (The SEVA Stress Release) that can be used for self-care, addressing a wide range of needs, including general relaxation and well being or release from extreme shock and stress. This workshop does not require previous bodywork experience. Anyone can learn this simple but effective way to help themselves. Learn through demonstration and hands-on practice. Includes Chakra Tai Chi.

Alvina offers CE’s for MT’s in Florida.

Wednesday September 11, 2024 9-12 noon Eastern Time $60

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Lovely class. Self-Care. Will Recommend. LC

Really needed that. Thanks! SL