Acupressure for Anyone Self-Care Series by Insight Acupressure.

Seva Stress Release and many other Releases.

Possible Protocols Available:

Abdominal Release, Arms and Hands Release, Back Release, Central Channel Release, Chest Release, Childbirth Points,

Deep Relaxation Release, Emotional Stress Release, Harmony Release, Head Release, Hemorrhoid Release,

Hip, Knee, Foot and Ankle Release, Hot flashes & Urinary Health, Immune Lymph Booster, Leg and Foot Release,

Muscle Relaxation Release, Respiratory Release, Seva Stress Release, Sinus Ear Release, Special Headache Release,

Special Conditions (Broken bones, Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestion, Emergency Back, Callouses, Arthritis, Menstrual Cramps, Internal Skin — Hives, Acne, Lymph , External Skin –Sunburn, itch,Ivy,Burns., Misaligned Vertebrae)

Special Quick Relief Points (17 Points various issues), Spectrum of Emotions (Fingers & Toes)

View the Free 29 minute Introduction video below

You are welcome to watch this recording from Wednesday June 9, 2021. Immune/Lymph Booster To Combat COVID19 and Support Vaccine Uptake Anytime Enjoy!! PassWord 4U

Good Points Immune Lymph Booster Acupressure pw 4U

Available by appointment

Reiki Master Class

Reiki Master Class

Reiki Attunement for Master and Teacher

Manual Included

Seraph Rose Aura Attunement, Reiki Master Oath, Master Symbols, Class Preparation, Distance Healing, Self-Care.

Webinar Upon Request


6 CE’s FL MT’s


I can’t wait to implement this in my practice…CS

Alvina is a thorough and caring teacher…..DF

Reiki Master Class

Reiki Second Degree

Reiki 2 Attunement. Distance Healing.

Manual Included.

Meditation, Reiki Hand Positions & Symbols, Three Pillars of Reiki, Distance Healing.


6 CE’s FL MT’s

What They Are Saying….

Keeping my Reiki Journey going!! CM

I will incorporate this into all my sessions NI

Lots of New Ideas.. JM

Reiki Master Class

Reiki First Degree

Achieve a Level 1 Attunement and Learn Reiki Self-Care and Giving-To-Others.

Manual Included.

A Powerful & Informative Class including meditation, chakras, crystals, guides, History of Reiki, energy exercises and Reiki Hand Positions & Symbols, empowerment.

LIVE or Webinar Style Upon Request


6 CE’s FL MT’s

What They Are Saying:

Great Class for Self-Growth & Healing! NI

Would Recommend…CM

Reiki Master Class

Mentoring Moments AOHMassage Study Group

Custom designed time together to discuss, explore any questions you have about any aspect of AOHMassage, Meridians, Acupoints, Protocols, Meditations. We will Demo and Practice Work and include some Self-Care. $30 a session or $100 a Month


Alvina goes above and beyond to make learning fun and easy while still very thorough. ET

I did regular study sessions with Alvina…I looked forward to every one and no two were alike. TH

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