SLI Acupressure For Anyone (A4A) Series

SLI Acupressure For Anyone (A4A) Series

A Medicine Chest of Acupressure Protocols Useful for Anybody. An Introductory program for anybody. Learn to take your health into your own hands and have a Medicine Chest of Experience to share with family and friends. No prior experience required or necessary. This work is being used in several Integrative Health Hospitals around the country and world. It is cutting edge healthcare. Each module includes SEVA Self-Care, Compassionate Service, Great Central, Harmony & Balance, Head & Neck, Back, Chest, Abdomen & Special Conditions, Arms, Legs, Hands & Feet, Colds, Flu & Immune System, Runs in cycles after the first 2 classes jump in anytime. Soul Lightening Intl. Check out the SLI website for more info A4A.

Continuing Education contact hours are available for select courses (*) provided through Soul Lightening International.  For more information about CE contact hours for Massage Therapy (NCBTMB),  or Nursing (AHNA/ANCC) visit

Class CE: 24 CE’s
Cost: $60 per module (8 Modules)
Dates/Time: TBD

SLI Acupressure For Anyone (A4A) Series

SLI Process Acupressure 1A: Foundations Webinar/LIVE

Fundamental psycho-spiritual process skills are taught for working with the body and consciousness simultaneously as data arises from the body during bodywork. Our objective is to derive meaning and purpose from personal history and to find the soul as most valuable life guide. Introduces a model of the whole being– body. mind, emotions, soul–related to energy flow in the body. Teaches Chakra Tai Chi and consciousness related to the chakras.

This class will abide by Safe Practices Guidelines established by the CDC, each State and  Soul Lightening International. 

The Webinar Style class will employ  6 Hours after or during class Skilled Touch Practitioners (STP) for the instruction of “Interface” touch that is used in this work. Student must ensure that a STP is available to be with them within 12 weeks of the program before you register for the class.

Register and pay with me (below) and also on this link for SLI so that they know you are taking the class.

Continuing Education contact hours are available provided through Soul Lightening International.  For more information about CE contact hours for Massage Therapy (NCBTMB), ), or Nursing (AHNA/ANCC) visit

CE: 24 CE’S Massage Therapists FL & NCBTMB, Nurses AHNA
Cost: $645 COVID discount reg $695 
3-4 days, 6 hrs per day, 9am-4pm  Plus 6 STP Hours or 4th day of live class

Place: Naples, FL,  & Webinar

Teacher: Alvina Quatrano, B.A., L.M.T., CSLA, CZB 


This is just what I needed to help my confidence in working with clients.    JK

This class might change your life!!!    BT

October 24-27, 2022 Webinar or Live Naples FL

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SLI Acupressure For Anyone (A4A) Series

SLI Process Acupressure 1B:Progressing Process with Gina Rosenthal

This 4-day workshop progresses process and acupressure skills. Practice with safely following and encouraging a person’s natural process, to promote greater health, the meaning of symptoms and life events. Deepen your confidence to recognize and follow the signals that arise during a session. Refine your skills as you go deeper into your own growth process. This workshop emphasizes soul work which includes life review and soul purpose. Advances basic PA protocol and Chakra Tai Chi.

Continuing Education contact hours are available for select courses (*) provided through Soul Lightening International.  For more information about CE contact hours for Massage Therapy (NCBTMB), Acupuncture & Asian Bodywork therapy (NCCAOM), or Nursing (AHNA/ANCC) visit

CE: 24 CE’s
Cost: $695

Not currently offered in Naples FL

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SLI Acupressure For Anyone (A4A) Series

Process Acupressure 2: Body & Personality Parts

This workshop relates body parts and symptoms to parts of the personality and psychological development. Uses the many acupressure protocols taught in Clinical Acupressure 1 to advance understanding of psychosomatic conditions. Links parts of the body to personality parts and explains their role in personality development. Teaches how to process and progress parts of the personality toward maturity. In this 4-day workshop, you will learn how to identify and dialogue with personality parts (subpersonalities), learn how parts of the body relate to personality parts and symptoms, learn how to update and transform personality parts to serve present needs, and practice many acupressure protocols from Clinical Acupressure 1 with peers. 24 CE’s awarded by Soul Lightening Int’l.

Prerequisites: Foundation Workshops: CA1 and PA1A; and PA1B


SLI Acupressure For Anyone (A4A) Series

Opening to Your Soul Purpose: Finding What is True for You with Acupressure

In this four day class, participants will explore their Soul purpose: what gets in the way of actualizing it, what life learnings and insights help to uncover it, and what is their own unique Soul purpose at this point in time. This exploration will involve using the fundamentals of Soul Lightening Acupressure, experiential creative activities and Soul guided Process Acupressure sessions each day. Materials using astrological readings from Lyn Birbeck’s Mayan calendar and Jan Spiller’s book Astrology for the Soul are prepared specifically for each participant and provide a jumping off point for introspection into oneself. This class encourages a willingness to synthesize experiential and intuitive knowing with practical life applications and behavior, and to integrate this synthesis as a Process Acupressure practitioner. Required is the ability to: 1) work confidently with points and Soul Lightening formulas; 2) access Soul wisdom in acupressure sessions; 3) facilitate a person’s process in Process Acupressure sessions. This is an advanced level course and is an elective for candidates in the Process Acupressure Certification Program. Learning Objectives: 1. Define your Soul purpose and its meaning in your life. 2. Explore practical applications of your Soul purpose. 3. Uncover negative behavioral patterns that impede your Soul purpose, and ways to transform them. 4. Understand more fully major talents and strengths and how they support you in your Soul purpose, life journey and practice. 5. Become more aware of how to open to your full Soul potential. 6. Demonstrate your level of competency as a Process Acupressure practitioner. Register with go to find a class and May 14-17, 2020 for registration page