October Birthday Special: Custom Self-Care Acupressure To Take Home

It’s my Birthday Month and I can share if I want to!!!!

Choose from these self-care acupressure protocols (below) and treat yourself Anytime!!! Part of GoodPoints Self-Care Program with Soul Lightening International Acupressure.

Alvina will go over the steps to treating yourself and give you a handout to follow and possibly a video. Allow for extra half-hour for instruction.

Schedule Appointment Today!! And You’re on Your Way!!!

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You can choose your preference anytime:

Abdominal Release

Emotional Stress Release

Basic Neck Release

Chest Release

Deep Relaxation Release

Harmony Release

Head Release

Hemorrhoid Release

Hip, Knee, Foot, & Ankle Release

Hot Flashes & Urinary Health

Immune Lymph Booster

Muscle Relaxation Release

SEVA Stress Release

Sinus Ear Release

Special Headache Release

Special Conditions

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