Values & 5-Elements Personality Types

Values & 5-Elements Personality Types

Using 5-Element Theory to determine your 5-Element Type. Answer 20 questions in this typing quiz to find out your Elemental Personality Type. When you land on your type page you will receive information about your type and special acupressure points and the times when they are beneficial to apply for your type, and a link to 5-Element Foods to support your type and a summary of information regarding 5-Element Theory. Other supportive resources are available upon request.

What values do you hold dear? What does this say about you? How do you use that to attain balance and the way you want to be in life and with whom?

This class is part of Introductory 5-Element Class or the AOHMassage F1 :Subtle Body Class in case you’d like to know more on the subject. A life-long learning tool.

A link to the Quiz will be provided upon registration.

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What People Are Saying….

Good Introspective Exercise!!   

Lots of neat info!!

Results are surprising!! JAC

I like how it has percentages. I was really close between Wood and Earth. It was interesting to have to choose between some of the answers, because I see myself in different responses depending on the situation. DW

Really interesting questions and descriptions   SL

I really like the overview of each element and the acupuncture points for balancing. The self-care part is beneficial.  KL

Introduction To The Enneagram

Introduction To The Enneagram

A fun interactive workshop including video and multiple choice quiz to help decipher your own Enneagram “type”. Enneagram means “nine points”. A system of personality typing which enlightens aspects one might not have considered, helping to understand your own motivations and the core needs of others. Helps group cohesion and deconflict groups and individual differences. An ancient system originating from monasteries and developed by Gurdjiev (Persia) and more recently Oscar Ichazo (Hawaii), Helen Palmer (Stanford University), and Don Riso and Russ Hudson (New York) among others. Learn what makes your colleagues, family members tick. Realize we’re not all the same–they’re not like me!!
A Three Hour Class taught by Alvina Quatrano who has taken classes with Helen Palmer and Russ Hudson.

CEU: 3 CE’s
Dates/Times: TBA
Cost: $55

Insights Into Your Personality & Life. An ancient Sufi teaching that describes nine different personality types and their interrelationships.