4-Hand Massage (Two Person)

4-Hand Massage (Two Person)

A Novelty Class for Therapists. Pure fun if you like to move, dance, play while giving a significant novelty massage. Useful for occasional spa treatments, on request, or simply to freshen up your practice and commune with colleagues. A synchronized on-hour massage protocol created at The Spa Hilton Marco Island in 2009 by Alvina and fellow therapists. Exquisite movement of two therapists removes layers of conditioning and stress creating a loving, relaxing environment, using warm oils and synchronized, soothing rhythm touch. One-Day Class followed up by Study Groups.

CEU: 7 CE’s
Dates/Times: TBA 9am-5pm Eastern US time
Cost: $175

Introduction to Reflexology

Introduction to Reflexology

This class is now called Art of Holistic Massage Foundation 3: Reflexology and the price has changed!

The art and science of Foot and Hand Reflexology deals with the principal that there are reflex areas in the hands and the feet that correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. It is a method of activating the healing powers of the body. It is a compression technique that affects the whole body, reversing the effects of stress. We will learn about Reflexology as a holistic method of healing, discuss it’s history, learn about the reflex areas of the hands and feet, learn the techniques of the relaxation and reflexology sequences, and give and receive a session of reflexology, including self-help  methods and contraindications. This is a fun class that includes a foot washing ritual.

CEU: 6 CE’s  or 2 CE’s MT’s (FL & NTCTMB)
Dates/Times:See Art of Holistic Massage AOHMassage F 3: Reflexology to register for this class either 2 hr webinar or 6 hr LIVE

Release stress from the whole body through the feet and hands.The ancient art and practice of Reflexology uses specific points on the feet and hands to enhance the natural healing abilities of the body’s corresponding organs and glands. Join us to learn these simple, effective techniques for keeping the body in balance. Great for couples, bodyworkers, caregivers and those who just want to treat themselves.


A favorite for my anniversary…we both get a treatment!!!!  SL

Introduction to Reflexology

Introduction To The Enneagram

A fun interactive workshop including video and multiple choice quiz to help decipher your own Enneagram “type”. Enneagram means “nine points”. A system of personality typing which enlightens aspects one might not have considered, helping to understand your own motivations and the core needs of others. Helps group cohesion and deconflict groups and individual differences. An ancient system originating from monasteries and developed by Gurdjiev (Persia) and more recently Oscar Ichazo (Hawaii), Helen Palmer (Stanford University), and Don Riso and Russ Hudson (New York) among others. Learn what makes your colleagues, family members tick. Realize we’re not all the same–they’re not like me!!
A Three Hour Class taught by Alvina Quatrano who has taken classes with Helen Palmer and Russ Hudson.

CEU: 3 CE’s
Dates/Times: TBA
Cost: $55

Insights Into Your Personality & Life. An ancient Sufi teaching that describes nine different personality types and their interrelationships.

Introduction to Reflexology

Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi

Currently available for Anytime Online through CE Broker General Course Number 20-852369.

Course Number 20-841651  (Relevant MT temporarily unavailable)

From Soul Lightening International Acupressure. Simple, traditional Tai Chi Movements Paired with Chakra Consciousness. Clearing, Energizing, Strengthening. Video Available www.soullightening.com

Class CE: 2 CE’s
Dates/Times: This class is sometimes offered Live at the Naples Beach or in classes with Alvina
Cost: $25

Chakra Tai Chi is a 20 minute exercise with movements taken from traditional Tai Chi, Chakra Tai Chi was developed by Dr Raheem for her students as a means to clear and energize themselves, as well as to monitor their energetic and conscious development. Although simple, Chakra Tai Chi is very energizing and clarifying. It can be used by anyone as a self-help tool. It can be used as a regular practice for clearing , energizing, and strengthening your chakra energies, as well as for reading and developing your conscious alignment with your full potential. Developmental correspondences with each of the seven traditional chakras and one additional one from root to crown is explained. The easy but strong Tai Chi movements are demonstrated as they relate to each chakra. Then you are shown how to bring all the movements together as a body/mind/soul exercise for health and consciousness development.

What They Are Saying…

Lovely to do outside in nature.  TR

I really learned something about myself by doing this and I can do it anytime!!!   CL

Introduction to Reflexology

Meridian Massage

Webinar Version. Derived from the curriculum of Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Foundation 1: Subtle Body Class. Meridian Massage is a 3 hour Program including: An Introduction to the Meridian Energy System of the Body and Self-Care Technique

CEU: 3 CE’s Live or 2 Ce’s online anytime CE Broker (register directly on CE Broker for Anytime Online)
Cost: $50

A Manual & Video is included.
Simple Movements To Clear, Open and Strengthen The Energy of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
A wonderful Self-Help opportunity for anyone!

Also available at CE Broker Anytime Online #20-798623 for 2 CE’s  Go Directly to CE Broker to register.


A lot of good materials and self-care.   JB

Lots of valuable information!  CG

A good introduction to what Meridian Massage is.  Can benefit anyone’s practice & healing. Useful.  CB

August 2, 2021

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