Intro to AOHMassage & What is Holistic?

Intro to AOHMassage & What is Holistic?

AOHMassage founder Alvina Quatrano, L.M.T.,  introduces Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage)  Program and answers the question What is Holistic? This class leads into the AOHMassage Foundation 1: Subtle Body Modules: Chakras and Chakra Tai Chi (Body Mechanics), Meridian Massage for Self-Care, and 5-Element Theory Client Intake & Self-Typing Quiz.

Students will start their AOHMassage Resources Binder, an Awareness Journal by Betsey Baker, M. Ac., Ten Loves Self-Care Chart by Regina Rosenthal from her book Heart of Healing: Discovering the Secrets of Self-Care.

Students will be introduced to Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Pyramid Meditation for strengthening and grounding during sessions and anytime.

Students will begin a Self-Assessment as to what kind of therapist they will be and what it takes to become a Holistic Therapist

Live, Webinar or Anytime online

Two Hours NCBTMB Self-Care, FL 20-878112

This information is included in AOHMassage Foundation 1: Subtle Body Introduction.

As a stand alone anytime class Online $25 CE Broker Directly #20-909806 TAKE IT NOW!!!

Live $45

28-PG Manual available through Copies America $25 Coil Binder or Self-Print

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Alvina is a thorough teacher who cares about helping you to “get it”. YB

There’s a lot of material!!! MF

Intro to AOHMassage & What is Holistic?

Zero Balancing® I with Carla Van Arnam

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a unique, hands on, body-mind system of healing. Combining Eastern and Western concepts of healing and anatomy, ZB clarifies & coordinates energy fields in the body by accessing the deepest currents – in the bones and joints.ZB offers the opportunity to work with expanded states of consciousness and to address the energetic field imbalances that precede illness. Zero Balancing promotes a clear state of balance, which helps relieve pain, promotes health and healing and provides a foundation for happiness. ZB also reduces stress related tension, deepens self-awareness, and brings a person closer to their true nature. After ZB clients often state that they feel more grounded, more at ease, and as if they’ve come home to themselves. ZB I students learn to navigate the energetic and structural anatomies of the body’s foundational structures and explore the body’s consciousness through touch. On completion of the class, ZB I practitioners will have the basic skills needed to integrate ZB into their established work and also to practice Zero Balancing sessions. Health care practitioners using Zero Balancing skills find themselves able to serve their clients/patients more completely, work with less effort, and feel greater personal and professional satisfaction.

Zero Balancing helps you:

  • Recharge your own energy while you work.
  • Get more information in your hands
  • Have a greater effect with less work.
  • Work with clear therapeutic boundaries.

Zero Balancing helps your clients achieve:

  • Lasting pain relief.
  • Improved mobility, stability & alignment.
  • Profound stress relief.
  • Release from old patterns.

You will learn:

  • Unique qualities of bone tissue and clearing tension from the skeleton with conscious touch.
  • A full-body sequence to offer clients deep relaxation, ease, alignment, and balance.

Instructor: Carla S. Van Arnam, LMT, CZB
Carla loves teaching this unique body-mind therapeutic bodywork. She began her study of bodywork in 1995 and is a licensed massage therapist (MA41884). She joined the faculty of the Zero Balancing Health Association in 2012.. She has been practicing and teaching taiji for nearly 30 years. Her students describe her as giving “helpful and practical direction,” and using “well-prepared visuals.”

CEU: 25 CE’s

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