Meridian Massage

Meridian Massage

Webinar Version. Derived from the curriculum of Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Foundation 1: Subtle Body Class. Meridian Massage is a 3 hour Program including: An Introduction to the Meridian Energy System of the Body and Self-Care Technique

CEU: 3 CE’s Live or 2 Ce’s online anytime CE Broker (register directly on CE Broker for Anytime Online)
Cost: $50

A Manual & Video is included.
Simple Movements To Clear, Open and Strengthen The Energy of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
A wonderful Self-Help opportunity for anyone!

Also available at CE Broker Anytime Online #20-798623 for 2 CE’s  Go Directly to CE Broker to register.


A lot of good materials and self-care.   JB

Lots of valuable information!  CG

A good introduction to what Meridian Massage is.  Can benefit anyone’s practice & healing. Useful.  CB

August 2, 2021

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Meridian Massage

Insomnia/Jet Lag Acupressure Webinar

Reset Your Body Clock. Wisdom from the ancient tradition of acupressure provides us with a simple way to work with the natural ebb and flow of energy in the body to address the disruption of  insomnia or jet lag. Arrive at your destination or arise in the morning feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go! Describes exactly the points and times to use. Learn about Horary Points; where they are and when to use them and how exactly.

Class CEU: 2 CE’s
Cost: $25


Useful and easy…lovely class….FM

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Meridian Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Classic Hot Stone for the Spa. Last taught at Purely You Spa.

Dates/Times: TBA
Cost: $85

SLI Immune Lymph Booster Acupressure Protocol

SLI Immune Lymph Booster Acupressure Protocol

Acupressure Protocol that addresses Flu & Chronic Fatigue. Anyone can learn.

Continuing Education contact hours are available for select courses (*) provided through Soul Lightening International.  For more information about CE contact hours for Massage Therapy (NCBTMB), Acupuncture & Asian Bodywork therapy (NCCAOM), or Nursing (AHNA/ANCC) visit

CE: 7 CE’s NCBTMB and FL
Dates/Times: TBA 9am-5pm Eastern US time
Cost: $125 Covid discount reg $175


A lot of information and really effective acupressure!  QM

This helped me come out of a fever and lessened my flu symptoms.  Grateful.  JN

SLI Immune Lymph Booster Acupressure Protocol

SLI Clinical Acupressure Practica

Each 2 day practicum is an opportunity to expand upon the learning and experience of CA2 and/or PA3. Each practicum will focus on a specific pair of organ meridians. Students will refine their skills for recognizing and working with the unique patterns associated with each meridian. Special attention will be given to the function and interaction of specific points, and the nature of each meridian as it applies to health, balance, and consciousness. You are also welcome to join us via Webinar.
Pre-requisites: Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians and/or The Hologram: PA3

CE: 12 CE’s eachDates/Times: available upon request but traditionally done seasonally.
Winter – Kidney/Bladder Meridians –  2023 TBD
Spring – Liver/Gall Bladder Meridians –   2023 TBD
Summer – Heart/Small Intestine/Pericardium/Triple Warmer Meridians – 2023 TBD
Late Summer – Stomach/Spleen Meridians – August 22-23, 2022
Autumn – Lung/Large Intestine Meridians – November  7-8,  2022
Cost: $295 each


These practicums are like a retreat. Really good for going deep.  SL

I have time for learning more and for myself too!!!    AK


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Winter Practicum TBD

TBD Spring Practicum

June 7-8, 2022 Summer Practicum

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August 22-23, 2022 Late Summer Practicum

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November 7-8, 2022 Autumn Practicum

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