Seva Teacher Training

Seva Teacher Training

In this 2-day training you will learn to teach
Seva Stress Release: Part 1 For Self Care
Seva Stress Release: Part 2 For Others
Seva Stress Release: 90-minute introduction
Seva Stress Release: 60-minute introduction

The Spirit of Seva Project is the worldwide outreach program for Soul Lightening International. Our vision is for our instructors to offer Seva Stress Release (and eventually Acupressure for Anyone®) courses in communities where they are personally called to serve. This will create small “campfires” around the world that will eventually unite to create greater Soul Lightening for all beings. We are seeking new instructors who have a deep calling to join us in this vision and are prepared and motivated to lead courses designed to teach people about the principles and techniques of Soul Lightening Acupressure.

Eligibility: Certified practitioners and/or candidates for certification in Process Acupressure or Clinical Acupressure are eligible to apply. In order to offer continuing education to future students, our credentialing agencies also require a minimum of 5-years experience practicing Soul Lightening Acupressure OR a degree, license, or certification in a comparable program or allied health field. A strong background in teaching or presenting is highly recommended, but not required.

The application process: Acceptance into the Seva Teacher Training is achieved by application only. Send the completed application form and your current resume to Soul Lightening International, PO Box 339, Greensboro, MD 21639. Selected individuals will be invited to attend an intensive 2-day Seva Teacher Training course.

The Seva Teacher Training Application Form PDF version  Click Here

Liability Insurance: Prior to attending the teacher training, Seva teachers must request that their insurance companies list Soul Lightening as an “additional insured” on their professional liability insurance policy. Soul Lightening will provide the exact language necessary. Insurance companies usually do not charge for this listing. If you do not already have liability insurance for your professional practice we can suggest reasonable options.

The training: The Seva Teacher Training workshop provides the necessary tools, materials, lesson plans and support for teaching the Seva Stress Release class modules. In this training participants will observe and then demonstrate teaching each segment of the Seva Stress Release class and hands-on touch and point location skills. Participants will also learn how to do marketing and required paperwork for administration of a Seva Stress Release Class.


1. Completion of the Soul Lightening Foundation Certification
2. Enrollment in (or completion of) PA or CA Certification.
3. If still enrolled as a certification candidate, mentor approval is required
4. Minimum 5-years experience practicing Soul Lightening Acupressure OR a degree, license,
or certification in a comparable program or allied health field.

Continuing Education: 12 hours NCBTMB

Full Tuition: $295
Contact instructors for payment options.

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With Co-Teachers Alvina Quatrano and Missy Oleaga

Saturday and Sunday November 6-7, 2021

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