AOHM Part 5: Reflexology (4.5 CEU’s)

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The ancient art and practice of Reflexology uses specific points on the feet and hands to enhance the natural healing abilities of the body’s corresponding organs and glands.

Prerequisite for Part 6. 8 CEUs awarded.

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You will learn what Reflexology is, what it does, where it comes from and how to use it in your massage. You will practice the protocol several times with friends and family and collect an evaluation from each one for submission. The results will be part of your conference with Alvina at the end of the class. The more you practice this protocol which is choreographed — one move leads to the next — the easier it becomes and very natural.

Learning Objectives
  1. The learner will identify key definitions and points in the history of reflexology.
  2. The learner will demonstrate the step-by-step Reflexology moves while using Presentation 2 notes and the class video.
  3. The learner will perform 3 reflexology sessions.
  4. The learner will evaluate his performance of Reflexology in his 3 sessions.

4.5 CEUs will be awarded upon completion.