AOHM Part 4: Principles of Touch (1.5 CEU)


Principles of Touch includes Fields, Energy Effect, Interface, Leg Pull, Neck Release, Calibrations of Touch, Spectrum of Touch, many videos.

Prerequisite for Part 5. 1 CEU will be awarded upon completion.

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This section will discuss the intentional point of view, energetic connection and body mechanics needed as a therapist. We will talk about “fields” and how best to work with another person’s field. We will experience “Interface” and the respectful attention to boundaries and getting back to attention if energy gets clouded or fuzzy. You will view the “Energy Effect” as described by Judith Sullivan in her video and thus what it is to “take out the looseness” and have a meaningful conversation.

You will be introduced to the first and last movements of the massage — The Leg Pull and why it is important. You will learn how to do a Neck Release using your Tai Chi Body even when sitting. There are videos demonstrating. Calibrations of touch include scanning and palming. As a partner in healing considering ways of creating homeostasis is the goal of The Art of Holistic Massage. You will be introduced to the concept of The Spectrum of Touch most of which is available to you and the understanding that you will be working at “Interface” in AOHM. Thanks to Dr. Frederick Fritz Smith we have a Criteria for Touch by which we can gauge all of our actions. We describe what possibly can happen during and after treatments and how to advise clients about changes being felt. Touch styles are defined.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The learner will be able to align himself with his own and his client’s intention.
  2. The learner will become aware of and support energetic boundaries utilizing the concept of “Interface”.
  3. The learner will be able to demonstrate the Donkey Donkey exercise with a partner.
  4. The learner will experience the sensation of energy between his hands, as demonstrated in the Reiki Hands video.
  5. The learner will describe the important concepts in Dr. Smith’s Particle and Wave video.
  6. The Learner will be able to demonstrate the Scarf Exercise with a partner.
  7. The Learner will identify the Energy Effect of “taking out the looseness” and “interface”, as demonstrated by Judith Sullivan.
  8. The learner will perform and practice a Leg Pull for opening and closing a session.
  9. The learner will perform a neck release, remembering to use his Tai Chi Body and to maintain verticality while in the sitting position.
  10. The learner will practice scanning and palming over the body, referring to illustrations and/or video.
  11. The learner will identify important concepts in Dr. Smith’s interview The Vocabulary of Touch.
  12. The learner will be able to define different types of touch.
  13. The learner will identify the differences between Interface, Blending, Streaming, Channeling types of touch.

1.5 CEU will be awarded upon completion.

“Touch connects us at many levels.”    Lauterstein