AOHM Part 2: What is Holistic Massage? (4 CEU’s)


Foundation of Meridian Massage includes introduction to 5-Element Acupuncture & Meridians, Self-Care, Awareness Journal, Rapport & Client Intake, Energy Massage Video & Manual, Chakra Tai Chi Video & support text. Many handouts to create a AOHM Notebook.

Prerequisite for Part 3. 4 CEUs will be awarded upon completion.

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This section will define Holistic Massage as it is used in The Art of Holistic Massage: Meridian Massage. You will be introduced to the elements that we use to create a plan for treatment in our office and given forms to support your practice. We discuss who you are and what you bring to the table in Becoming a Holistic Practitioner. You will be given several meditations to try, and many other self-care ideas to support yourself in the lifestyle of a massage therapist.


Learning Objectives Part Two: What Is Holistic Massage?

  1. The learner will identify the key concepts of The Five Elements from John Garvey’s Five Phases of Food in order to discern a client’s constitution and dilemma.
  2. The learner will establish and deepen her rapport and partnership with clients, by developing a client intake style, and by offering clients Why Massage? and Preparing for a Massage handouts.
  3. The learner will write entries in an Awareness Journal as part of self-care and practitioner sensory development.
  4. The learner will identify the important qualities of Chakras and Chakra Tai Chi.
  5. The learner will be able to practice Chakra Tai Chi while watching the instructional video.
  6. The learner will bring some of the movements of Chakra Tai Chi to the massage table to achieve balance and grace while implementing massage.
  7. The learner will practice the methods in the Self-Care Energy Massage Video.
  8. The learner will refer to the Energy Massage Manual when practicing Self-Care Energy Massage.
  9. The learner will be able to describe the meridian flows by practicing the Energy Massage.
  10. The learner will trace her own meridians using the methods demonstrated in the Meridian Flow video.
  11. The learner will develop a personal self- care educational plan after reviewing the options for self-care classes.
  12. The learner will identify the main techniques and reasons to perform Indian Baby Massage.
The learner will be able to distinguish the realm of the Holistic Practitioner.
  14. The Learner will be encouraged to develop qualities of a Holistic Practitioner by identifying his talents and the road to success.
  15. The learner will experience coming from a non-doing place by using The Pyramid Meditation and elements of Chakra Tai Chi.
  16. The learner will develop a self-care plan.

4 CEUs will be awarded upon completion.